Google calendar as a replacement for a chalkboard with leaflets

    Our team recently moved to a new office and it so happened that there was no place for a task management board in it. The solution came almost instantly - use a google calendar instead.

    It is convenient to use, there is shared access, in fact, why not?

    The idea itself is as simple as sneakers
    1. switch the calendar to the “several days” mode

    2. create the necessary headers from above,
    in our case it’s “not yet doing”, “in progress”, “under review”, “renting out”

    3. add types of leaflets
    to in our case, “errors” and “tasks on the project”

    4. give access to colleagues

    5. fill, move

    I would like to ask habrozhitel, anyone else uses a similar approach (electronic board)? If so, what means do you use?

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    Which board option are you using?

    • 34.7% Nothing can replace a regular board 111
    • 21.9% Electronic 70
    • 43.2% Don't use 138

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