Dropbox light or my desktop on the Internet

    Once upon a time, about 3 years ago, I found out that some browsers began to support dragging and dropping FileAPI files . This news impressed me very much, and the idea of ​​a simple service was born in my head. Need a desktop site: go in, drag the file from the computer to the site. You find yourself at another computer - you download the file.

    No sooner said than done. We find the script “ajax file upload drag & drop”, test it, finish it. Registration form, several useful functions - everything, you can use.

    I used it myself, was inspired even more, wanted to share my tool with the world, even fantasized that now I would have a startup. But then I remembered that there is such a wonderful thing like Dropbox . And there is also Google Drive and Yandex.Disk. He laughed at his startup fantasies and left the site as it is: “So what, the dropbox has a slightly more complicated interface. But they have plenty of places, and there are already many users, and security, etc., etc. It is useless to compete with such giants. And the interface will probably be simplified soon. ”

    3 years passed, and I caught myself on the fact that I continue to use my site. Just for one simple task in different variations. I used to use a flash drive or email for this task. The task is to "take the file with you" or "make it so that the file can be accessed with the Internet."

    Why not Dropbox?

    Let's see what steps you need to go through to use this service.

    Step 1. Home page, registration

    So far so good.

    Step 2. Register? Move on

    But I don’t like it anymore. I do not want a program. I want a site.

    Why not Yandex.Disk?

    We skip step 1 - I already had an account on Yandex.

    Step 2. Welcome window

    Beautiful and clear, there are no questions, but I already want to upload files as soon as possible. Where to click?

    Steps 3 and 4

    Once - click "my disk" on the left.
    Two - click "download" on top.
    Three - a window appears. Everything is logical and understandable. The only negative is the small area for dragging the file, you need to aim. There is no desktop freedom.

    PS In fairness it is worth saying that the welcome window can be closed and it will no longer appear, so the number of steps to download the file is reduced. And in a compartment with a lot of Yandex advantages, this makes Yandex.Disk a good choice, but I don’t have enough white space in the interface of Drive, anywhere in which I can place the file with one movement.

    I will not consider Google drive - there are about the same problems.

    As you probably guessed, I still decided to share my happiness with the world with habr the site.

    Briefly about the opportunities and unique competitive advantages

    1. Very little space — only 30 MB per user.
    2. Insecure - do not store backups, password files and too personal photos here. The service is only as secure as my hosting (linode.com).
    3. No ftp and resuming - there will be problems with large files.
    4. There is no program to synchronize with the computer file system.

    Of the pluses, I note the main and probably the only one: using my site it is convenient to solve the simple task described above - drag and drop files onto the Internet.

    Startup, explosive growth in the number of users, monetization

    Now the site has only 40 GB available at all, i.e. enough for 1000-1500 users. I think I can add as much, without much damage to the family budget, but, of course, this is not enough.

    If the project will be of interest to more people (which I really hope), I will post ads. For those who wish, I can make paid accounts with a large amount of available space (with a very moderate fee, a little more than the cost of disk space on the hosting).

    If someone tells me where on the Internet there are a lot of cheap hd places, I would really appreciate it.

    Waiting for comments

    Is such a site interesting to anyone other than me?

    I will be glad to hear the ratings, suggestions and suggestions.

    Link to the site: hompan.ru

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