I invite you to the II All-Russian Olympiad on Linux Administration

    Participants of the last Olympiad

    November 6 will begin the second All-Russian Olympiad on Linux administration. First there will be two distance qualifying rounds, and then the final in Moscow. Last year, for example, there were about 700 participants. I have been organizing such administration olympiads for six years (profile for Linux - the second year), and then I will give a couple of tips for participating.

    Who is this Olympiad for?

    For students, graduate students and young professionals - all who are not yet 26 years old. The main goal is to popularize Linux and the ability to test your knowledge. However, there are already many participants in our educational programs, including the Olympiads, working at CROC.


    • November 6 - qualification round. Remote testing with questions both about Linux, and general technical. Participants with the results of the TOP-100 level go to the next round. With equal points, the advantage is for those who completed the test faster.
    • November 8 - theoretical tour. It is also carried out remotely, the format is the same, but the questions are mostly open and more complex. Among those who answered correctly, there is an advantage among those who most fully and competently substantiated their answers. The 30 best participants of this tour go to the next stage.
    • November 18-19 - practical tour. It will be held in our office in Moscow on Volochaevskaya 5, building 1. For nonresident participants, we pay tickets and accommodation. Within the framework of the final, only practical tasks in a virtual environment, the goal is to build a working complex with various characteristics from different components. By tradition, the participants will be waiting for surprises - malfunctions customized by the organizers.

    Prize pool:

    • First place - 100,000 rubles;
    • Second place - 70,000 rubles;
    • Third place - 50,000 rubles.

    What tasks will be?

    Last year, our Olympiad was similar to the Red Hat exams: a little time and a lot of simple and not very related tasks. Participants could feel the spirit of the RHCE exam. Now there will be a dozen tasks united by a common project, as in the real life of a system integrator.

    An example is to configure the complex to work under high load, but also provide fault tolerance, security and install backup.

    Examples of the most difficult tasks of the second round and a report on how the Olympics took place last year can be found here in the report . Here are some more examples in PDF .


    In the qualification round there will be almost no search time. Either you know or you don’t know. But do not leave obscure questions unanswered. Try the exception method. In the second round, provide the rationale for the answer to the open question, and answer in such a way that it would not be difficult for the inspector to understand your thought. Remember that you need comprehensive answers: for example, one who applies not only a formula, but also the final value (which you just need to calculate) has an advantage over someone who applies only a description of how to get it.

    The practical tour assignments can be completed in several ways. For example, you choose between iptables or tcp wrappers. Checking tasks will be functional - works or not. It is better to choose the simplest and most functional option, but first read all the tasks first, suddenly it turns out further that your method will become significantly more complicated.

    Do not give in to problems. It is unlikely that the organizers intervened in the code (although this can also be verified). Most likely, the matter will be in fairly simple settings. On a practical tour there will be time to search, but not very much: it is impossible to remember everything. The main value of knowledge is the dry residue, when a person roughly knows what happens and where to quickly see it.

    Is it worth it to participate?

    Yes, the only way to quickly check your level. Even if you do not take the prize, the benefits of participating will be more than enough for you. With the lack of time and passions, progress is very fast. As one of the former participants said: “For today I had to do so much for the first time that I learned more than for the whole last year.” And then, the Linux administrator is valued quite highly: either you will occupy a high place and you will be hunted by a bunch of companies (there have already been examples), or you will just understand what you are missing for a new cool job.

    Where to register?

    Registration is open until 18:00 on November 5 here by reference .
    Attention! The first round will be held on November 6 from 18 to 22 hours Moscow time. Participants must enter the testing system during this interval. Plan your time, especially if you're in a different time zone. Get enough sleep. We will send detailed instructions by mail after the registration is closed.

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