Change the layout of the Apple mb110 keyboard when using it under Windows


    Despite the fact that the Apple mb110 keyboard works without problems under windows, it is not very convenient to use it due to the layout, unusual for Windows users.

    - the absence of the Insert key, instead of it the Fn key is absolutely useless in Windows because she has no scan code.
    - no Print Screen
    - no Pause / Break
    - rearranged ALT and Win buttons
    - some more minor features.

    it should be noted that the keyboard looks slightly different than on most pictures on the Internet, on the "Russian" keyboard Enter is vertical and next to it is a button with the letter "ё"

    In Win7 and above, the keyboard works immediately after connecting.
    At the same time, the layout is standard for Windows, with the exception of the differences noted above.
    On the advice found on the Internet, I installed the Apple keyboard for US and RUS.
    As a result, the characters began to fully correspond to the inscriptions on the buttons, this mainly concerns the number buttons, but the above mentioned inconveniences remained and naturally new ones were added to them:
    - the dot and comma left for 6-ku and 7-ku (pressing with the shift key)
    - "ё "appeared near" Enter "
    - a colon on 5-ke
    since the eppl layout, not solving the main inconveniences, added new inconveniences, then with the extraordinary ease I refused it.

    Further, an Internet search led to a wonderful article by Sergey Lagovskiy
    Where it is described in great detail and with examples how to remap the buttons yourself.
    I tried the option proposed by Sergey, but he didn’t fully suit me, and I did mine, as it turned out to be not difficult.
    At the beginning, I manually edited the registry key, but then I began to do it using the wonderful SharpKeys program.

    As a result, I got an option that completely satisfies me:
    F13 - insert
    F14 - home
    F15 - scrol lock
    F16 - decrease the volume
    F17 - increase the volume
    F18 - Turn off the sound (mute)
    F19 - printscreen
    The key with the tilde, near the left shift, is assigned the left same shift, sort of extension cropping.
    The equal sign (=) on the numeric keypad is used to call up the calculator.
    F15 is used by me to convert the layout of the written text or to cancel the false automatic response, Punto Switcher. Assigned to Punto Hotkeys.
    SharpKeys program window You can remap it by executing a reg file with my version , and then finish it using SharpKeys

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