Mesh Wi-Fi map: And let's build our Mesh network in Russia and the CIS

    Over the past months, various articles have appeared on the hub with a description of Wi-Fi Mesh networks, which were built on cjdns software.

    Obviously, in order to build a network (or at least try to do it) it is necessary for those who wish to be next to each other, but because of mesh networks, I think few people will want to change their place of residence.

    Thus, a service appeared that I would like to talk about; it will help those who want to organize and build a Mesh network.

    About service

    And so, when the first posts about cjdns networks appeared, many people wanted to take part in the project, but due to the fact that those who wish are in different cities, and sometimes countries, it is very difficult to carry out interaction between them.

    So the service was born: Mesh network map in Russia and the CIS.

    The main idea of ​​the service is that those who want to take part in the project can mark their location where they can deploy a router for the Mesh network, and when the same people appear nearby, we will notify both of them and help you configure network.

    What can

    - Registration through the forum of the project or the social network
    - The ability to permanently delete the created points
    - Shows in the points header your login on the forum and your comment that you yourself leave

    What do we want?

    Build a mesh network in Russia and the CIS countries.
    Yes, we understand that there will be no Wi-Fi to Wi-Fi network from Vladivostok to Moscow - ordinary Internet communication channels will be used there.

    But to build islands that are free to function, giving the joy of creating something new and utilizing the unlimited tariffs that are now available to almost everyone, we can do.

    Who are We?

    We are people who are not indifferent to the fate of the Internet in Russia and Mesh networks in particular, we are active users of the forum.
    So that everyone can be with us =)


    Which standard will be used?
    - Wi-Fi 2.4 GHz g / n
    Why not 5 GHz?
    - Not completely legal in the territory of the Russian Federation, worse coverage.
    Which routers do you plan to use?
    - While there is no exact plan, you can go to our forum and discuss your views on this issue, while we are thinking in a collective discussion towards TP-LINK, Nanostation.
    Can any router work with this network?
    - Completely - no, but everyone can add network support only for themselves to their router.
    How will the problem of a huge number of hopes be solved if there are a large number of participants?
    - Routers will also be connected via the Internet, the cjdns protocol implies automatic route selection, if the wi-fi to wi-fi network is congested or the number of hopes is not optimal, normal Internet will be used to transport traffic.
    How is it with forbidden content?
    - We are against him, but the decision to place the resource is still made by its owner =)
    If I install cjdns at my place, will this make me an Internet access point with all the consequences?
    - Not

    Why all this?

    The current Internet has not become comfortable compared to what it was in the beginning of 2000, but it has become faster, more beautiful, smarter, but it has lost its soul charm and comfort.

    And so, everyone who wants to participate in the project, please go here and mark yourself on the map.
    If you are not registered with us, then first do it

    PS: The map, interaction with the forum and other things are self-written, we are not a commercial project, so the code is not perfect, by the way in the near future, it will be posted on github under an open license, so that everyone can launch a similar project at home or help us with the introduction of features and killing bugs.

    PS2: Many thanks to Habr for the project of the help to startups.

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