The First All-Russian Digital-Games

    Hello, Habr! We launched a large competition in a new format for the market - the first Digital-Games 2013 . We invite studios, agencies and simply private specialists of our market to take part in them. Unlike ordinary festivals, when participants submit ready-made works from the portfolio (and they are not compared in essence - for example, how to compare the Audi promo site with the shampoo promo site?), We decided to go the other way - and offer to make competitive work on a single task - in one of six nominations. Almost all nominations go in two tests - personal and corporate. The games are held as part of the tenth anniversary Runet Prize, the awarding will take place on November 21, the acceptance of works in nominations - until November 14. So, what competitions will be held as part of the Games: 1.


    Competition for creators and visualizers. Assignment - development of the design of a promotional website for a product / service according to a uniform assignment for all participants.

    image2. USABILITY & DESIGN
    Competition for designers and GUI designers. Task - developing a convenient interface for the task from a single brief.

    image3. TREND BATTLE
    Competition of visionaries and market analysts. Competition in knowledge and vision of trends in the development of the interactive communications industry. Online tours right through, full-time finals.

    Nomination for those who want to help our state make convenient online services. Development of the concept of pages for Rosstat. The nomination was organized by Notamedia Agency with the support of the Ministry of Communications.

    Nomination for specialists and specialized agencies in the field of communications: development of a concept for promoting a product on social networks. The nomination was organized by Rostelecom .

    image6. IDEA & VIRAL
    Nomination for a pro in the field of viral marketing: development of ideas and visuals for a fun special project in the banking sector. The nomination was organized by AIC .

    Register on the site, watch tasks - and let the strongest win =)

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