Yandex launches Metrica for applications

    Today we open free Metrica for applications for all developers. It works with iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, Windows Store, .NET. In it, we combined everything that we ourselves would like from a tool for application developers. First of all, an intuitive interface in which there is nothing superfluous - in just a few clicks you can find the answer to any question about the audience of your applications. Reports can include any combination of the following parameters: user's geographic location, application version, OS type and version, device type (tablet or smartphone), model and manufacturer, screen resolution, interface language, mobile operator, connection type, user actions and sessions.


    In the mobile section on YaC, Alexander Kochubey, the manager of this project, spoke about the Metric for applications. Today, Sasha went to the Apps World conference , so this text is not on his behalf, but it was he who wrote it. Read under the cat for details about what data about the operation of your applications will now be available to you.

    Yandex, like any mobile application developer, is interested and useful to know its users. Where are they from, what devices do they have, what interface language do they prefer, what is their Internet connection speed and how exactly do they use our applications.

    We have tried many different analytical tools to study the audience, paid and free. Some told us the number of users of our applications in Russia. Others went a little further - it was possible to find out from which devices and how many sessions were in Moscow. And only a few provided the necessary data in real time.

    As a rule, it took a lot of time and effort to create complex analytical reports using these services. We wanted to know more, get information here and now and do it without delay. Therefore, we created our own tool for analyzing the audience of mobile applications.

    Since 2008, Yandex.Metrica has helped us (and since 2009, everyone) - it measured traffic, studied user behavior and the effectiveness of advertising on sites. The metric is well versed in statistics, and we taught it to work not only with the web, but also with applications.

    For example, using the application metric, you can find out how many new users from Moscow and St. Petersburg made in-app purchases in your application version 1.01 from the Galaxy S4 smartphone in a week:


    Or the number of unique users of version 1.10 application from Russia who spent in the application from 30 to 60 seconds, by device:


    Metric for applications, including provides detailed reports about the "crashes" of your application. Unless, of course, it falls. For example, you can find out how many times unique applications of Russian version 1.02 fell on tablets for a week among Russian unique users:


    Or weekly statistics of crashes on different devices:


    Metrics for applications not only show statistics for the last month, week or day. Data is updated every minute - you can monitor the use of the application in almost real time.

    To use the Metrics for applications, register on, get the api_key key and integrate the Yandex.Metrics SDK SDK into your application. Reports will begin to be generated just a minute after the completion of this process.

    In the next version of the Metrics for Mobile Applications, which we are already working on, marketing tools will appear in addition to the analytical ones. With their help, developers will be able to see traffic sources, funnels, conversions, and much more. Follow the news, and if you have questions, ask them in the comments.

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