The Insider Law gave the Bank of Russia the right to demand disclosure and correspondence, and negotiations, and all that without a court

    Continuing the theme of the blog entries that appeared on Habrahabr today, “ New SORM: everyone will listen, Vimpelcom against ” and “the FSB wants to control Internet traffic in Russia, ” I invite readers to read the article “The Russians came under" mega-surveillance " , last week on Thursday ( October 17) published in St. Petersburg online newspaper " Fontanka ".

    The content of this article is tragic.

    In accordance with the Russian Constitution, data on conversations and correspondence can be disclosed only by court order. The law also guarantees the preservation of banking, auditing, insurance and a dozen other types of secrets. Even the court has the right to require from notaries only a certificate of action taken, but not certified documents. The content of the client’s negotiations with the lawyer and the secret of religious confession are also hidden.

    However, it turns out that now all these rights to secrecy are far behind. On September 1, by the force of the so-called “Insider Law,” the Bank of Russia was granted such exclusive rights to force disclosure of any secrets that neither the special services, nor law enforcement agencies, nor courts have.

    And coercion has begun.

    Half millionA fine was imposed on MegaFon for refusing to disclose without trial information about one of the subscribers, including the IMEI of the mobile phone and bill details. Half a million fine was imposed on the site "VKontakte" for the fact that all the requested information on a user and his actions even though they were provided without a trial, but with a delay .

    From reading such news, your hair should stand on end!

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