JavaScript x86 emulator

    Virtual x86 is another x86 platform emulator in the JavaScript programming language. Like JSLinux from Fabrice Bellard, only a browser is enough to run Linux. After loading the image, all Linux built-in commands work normally, compiled programs, the file system, etc. work, although there are no network interfaces yet.

    In addition to Linux, you can download KolibriOS (a graphical interface with a mouse cursor), FreeDOS and OpenBSD.

    For example, this is what KolibriOS looks like.

    The author of the emulator says that his program is very similar to the work of Bellar, but he added better hardware support: the emulator can load real SeaBIOS.

    The emulator runs on a virtual Pentium 60 processor with a clock frequency of 1.3 MHz.

    The v86_all.js file occupies 125 KB in compressed form, 262 KB in uncompressed, 9765 lines of code. Unfortunately, here, too, there were no publication of source codes in normal form. The author is now considering what license to publish them under (UPD: source codes published on November 6, 2013).

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