Yandex launches PaaS Cocaine

    Yandex has released PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service) based on its own Cocaine product - an open source system that allows you to create analogues of Google AppEngine or Heroku.
    At the moment, C, C ++, Python, and in the development of Perl and JavaScript are supported.

    Cocaine uses LXC - Linux Containers, a lightweight resemblance to virtual machines, which uses the Docker wrapper written in Go.

    To create your cloud, you just need to run cocained on one or more machines. The clients that connect to cocained are called Cocaine Dealer, and have a FastCGI interface that is easy to screw to any web server.
    All applications in the cloud run independently of each other.

    Cocaine is already used in:
    • Yandex.Browser
    • Yandex.Passport
    • Yandex internal infrastructure

    Cocaine repository on github

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