How to involve a data analyst when your company does not even have a website

In my opinion, this article will be interesting to those who are planning to organize a startup and at the same time need people (that is, there are no such friends who are ready to take part in the project). Still, this is a useful experience for those who are engaged in hiring in principle, for example, as a case.

Case Description

Background (and all the pitfalls)

Our company has a separate direction of development, which can be called "Human Resource Management". In addition to day-to-day HR responsibilities, we develop personnel development programs and methods. At one point, an idea emerged that it would be cool to engage in long-term forecasting of staff development. It was decided to implement this complex project in an innovative way - to apply the great and powerful Machine Learning! And, of course, no one in our company really knew what it is, except that machine learning is a popular and progressive method of forecasting.

It is important to note that the management of our company with a large amount of experience and a decisive voice in the decision to take or not to take a person has one strict requirement - the presence of a completed higher education. Master's or Specialist. As I understand it, this is due to the sad experience when company employees tried to combine study and work, which led to problems with the timing and quality of projects.

Objective: to form a team that will implement various internal and external IT projects, primarily in the field of machine learning.


A. The first year is to find two mathematicians / data scientist / data analyst (I promise that I will figure out how to determine exactly what our people are doing) for the first project on
machine learning forecasting;

B. The second year is to find two more mathematicians to speed up the work on projects;

C. To form a team that will continue its work on various IT projects in the company;

D. Understand where you can find the right people on an ongoing basis (build relationships with graduating educational organizations, for a start);

Problem areas:

  1. What is machine learning and how exactly can it be used to predict staff development ?;
  2. Who is our future employee? Who exactly is involved in this prediction? Who can potentially deal with them? - education, knowledge, skills and other professionally and personally important qualities;
  3. High formal requirements for candidates on the part of the management: only graduates in this or last year, experts or masters;
  4. Lack of a brand: nobody really knows about our company yet, and we, among other things, are an internal project at this stage of development. That is, there is not even a site;
  5. Lack of flexibility in terms of wages: a rather low level of pay for a full-time office, but, in my opinion, relevant for the intern level;
  6. No outsourcing: one of the goals is to create a team that implements relevant projects and will continue to work and develop within the framework of the company's projects. Yes, I understand that it can be ordered on the side, it will be quickly-qualitatively cheaper, but ... no;
  7. The unknown format of the company, which everyone feels: I think that many people are familiar with the situation when people choose a company that in some way can be called a “company format”. In our case, these are personal qualities that can be defined as: initiative, interest in the task, creativity, the ability to overcome resistance from management. It seems to be a standard, but, as a result, many people were not taken because of this.

Positive features of the workflow (gingerbread, which, as far as I know, is no longer unusual):

  1. “Individual work schedule” : conditionally, this is a standard 5/2 system, 8 hours a day / 40 hours a week with the difference that you can come and go when it is convenient; Of course, it is necessary to attend important meetings and meetings of various genres, closely and efficiently interact with the team. If you are sick, you do not need to run for help - 2-3 days a month for an “easy break” everyone will understand;
  2. The team: I never thought that it really worked, but our young (average age around 26) and an active team really attracts people;
  3. An interesting task: another discovery for me that our task was interesting for many candidates. Or they pretended. Not yet decided;
  4. “Learn, learn and learn again ...” : in our company, we welcome self-education of a different nature. Watch the courses, attend educational events - everything is encouraged and often paid for (ready to pay for courses, trips and stuff like that);
  5. Cookies / coffee / tea;
  6. Technique: buy what you need for your task, just have to wait a week.

What was applied / not applied (more precisely, what was remembered)

Visiting universities and universities (protection of qualification works, dormitories, websites, groups): of course, first of all we applied to issuing institutions located in St. Petersburg. I think the list of those is obvious. There are two options - “log in” officially and “unofficially”. In any case, the whole difficulty lies in finding the person who is really responsible for the dissemination of information about employment and a working distribution channel. So, for example, at some universities at the time of May-June 2018 practically no university site worked, except ITMO, in particular, Only responses from him, I did not see at all. Maybe I did not understand that they are from there ... In general, the official way is the key difficulty in that if you do not have fame and reputation, then no one will work with you. More precisely: they will not work with you from the point of view of the scale of the university, but the departments are quite supportive of interaction.

SPbSU has a good working group in the VC, in particular the Matmeh group of St. Petersburg State University (

As a result, one way or another, we managed to visit the defense at St. Petersburg State University (Matmeh and PPPU), ITMO (many directions), Polytech. By the result, it turned out that graduates are most often employed (especially undergraduates), including working on their own projects. I understand that it is logical that attending defenses is the old-time method. However, several interviews were thus scheduled. Candidates who came were interesting enough, but somehow difficulties arose that did not allow us to take a hit: either the prospective employee was not satisfied with the initial wage level, or we were not satisfied with the level of knowledge or personal characteristics of the candidate.

Sites for recruiting

Hh - 2/4! Best result.

Obviously, this is the easiest way. It would seem - pay the database and posting a job and otpinyvay candidates. But if you narrow the scope to the requirements of the leadership, taking into account the mentality of the team, this is a choice of five dozen. Again, the problem remains - one salary for all those we take in the first stage. Neither a plus nor a minus is categorically revised. I can only say that for the market this is a normal salary for an intern. Only interns are usually 4-course specialty ...


I will not say how many interviews there were, but they were. As a result, it turns out that the plus of this service provider is that you can pay for each individual questionnaire, and not for the entire base. That is, if you can find a resume that fits the formal requirements, then you can open it.

The main problem I encountered is irrelevant resumes. That is, the last time some resumes were updated a long time ago.

VK Communities - did not try, but recommend; - did not try, but recommend; - described earlier;

Facebook communities
I did not have a result, but suddenly it will help you.


The most effective method. No kidding. Of course, in two years we needed to find only 4 specialists, however, every second was brought by the first person.

What friends advised, but it was not used:

“My Circle”

I think this is the most valuable resource that I did not use and which I want to try next time.

Visit Hakatonov

As well as "My Circle." I heard that very often hackathons themselves are used by large players to recruit workers.

Job fairs

Ignored because of the opinion of management that it is unreasonable and resources will not be allocated to them. Free, on from the moment I did not find. I did not want to run as a participant and catch people by the hand.

What happened?

At this stage, the result is as follows:

  • In the near future, contracts for internships and internships will be concluded with departments that interest us;
  • At the initial stage, when it is possible to find a person by hook or by crook - you have to drag his acquaintances. Network marketing in action;
  • Staffed;
  • Projects are alive and well;
  • The backbone of the team is formed;
  • This article is written.

Thanks for attention!

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