IT events digest for September

    Knowledge Day gives a well-rested community the necessary impetus: this time we have a particularly extensive selection of events, including international conferences, local meetings, and whole schools for those who want to plunge into the learning process immediately by a quarter or two. Topics of the month - Internet of things, Data Science, mobile development and front-end.

    Neural networks, mathematics and rock-and-roll

    When: August 28
    Where: Moscow, 119 Mira Avenue, C2, Pavilion No. 2 “Public Education”.
    Conditions of participation: 550 rubles.

    Technologies of artificial intelligence in popular science lighting: why they are needed and what to expect from them in the future. Ivan Yamshchikov, an AI evangelist of ABBYY and a researcher at the Max Planck Institute in Leipzig, in simple words and with amusing examples, will talk about the spectrum of data analysis algorithms in modern life. Listeners will be able to enjoy the music written by robots, to participate in the drawing of prizes for their activity and, in some cases, to decide on their future profession.

    OKEx Moscow Meetup

    When: August 29
    Where:Moscow, st. Novoslobodskaya, 16, 4th floor
    Participation conditions: free of charge, registration is required

    One of the largest Russian cryptobirth OKEx opens a platform where representatives of blockchain projects with experience in the international market will share in cryptobusiness conducting sites and lead cases from their success stories. Students will be able not only to learn about the best practices in the industry, but also to participate in the airdrop tokens of such platforms as ZenCash, Play2Live, TokenStars, FinForge,, DASH and Blockchain Mint.

    CocoaHeads + MBLT DEV 2018: iOS meetup

    When: August 29
    Where: St. Petersburg, ul. Flower, 19
    Conditions of participation: free of charge, registration is required

    The dress rehearsal for MBLT DEV 2018 for St. Petersburg developers will be held at the Selectel office. The program assumes samples of different formats: three reports from the company's specialists, a quiz and a general discussion smoothly flowing into the after-party with pizza. Speakers will understand the capabilities of the Natural Language framework as applied to speech analysis, the current state of Kotlin Native from the point of view of iOS development, and a WWDC participant cheat sheet based on past experience.


    When: September 1-2
    Where: St. Petersburg, Expoforum Exhibition and Convention Center
    Participation Terms: from 900 rub.

    The festival for developers, which will be all - reports, a job fair, community leaders tuned in to communication, a lounge area and venerable speakers, some of whom are well known to the audience on Habré blogs. A detailed review of the program is a separate article .

    Moscow Data Science Major

    When: September 1
    Where: Moscow, Leningradsky Avenue, 39, p. 79
    Participation conditions: registration is required

    Mitap is big in the performance of Mail.Ru Group and Open Data Science. The general theme of the event, Data Science, will be split into five narrower thematic blocks: advanced ML, Speech Recognition, Deep Learning & CV, RecSys, Party Python, each of which has three speakers immersed in the topic, presenting actual problems and practical conclusions. Also, students will have the opportunity to get training on machine learning and chat with colleagues in the networking area.

    NodeSchool Tyumen

    When: September 1
    Where: st. Vanzetti, 1, My Territory
    Terms of participation: free

    The first experience of collective lessons on JavaScript for the Tyumen community is more fun, lighter and easier to comprehend fronterer wisdom. The bar for those who want to take part is virtually absent: the organizers invite everyone who has a laptop and the desire to learn. Experienced coders will be present at the site, ready to help beginners master the basic practices of writing code, testing and debugging, and the more advanced ones will become familiar with useful technologies, frameworks and libraries.

    Machine Learning & IoT

    When: September 6
    Where: Kazan, ul. Petersburg, 52, IT Park
    Participation conditions: free of charge, registration is required

    Mitap for Machine Learning and Internet of Things from the Nizhny Novgorod company MERA is now in Kazan. Using their own projects as an example, MERA employees will talk about the specifics of working with some technologies from the stated scope. In particular, students will learn how deep machine learning can be used to detect actions in a video stream, as well as the capabilities of the Azure IoT services architecture and its advantages over other cloud platforms when connecting specialized “smart” devices.


    When: September 7,
    Where: Yekaterinburg, Bakhchivandzhi, 55A
    Conditions of participation: 3500 rubles.

    About awkward out loud: representatives of large companies will share the most brilliant failure stories in their practice. It will be mainly about major strategic mistakes and incorrect project management, and not technical disasters. Detailed coverage will receive: the pain of entering new markets, the vicissitudes of relations between start-ups and giants, customers and customers, developers and users, partners and partners, recruitment as a source of endless problems, blinding by hyip in the preparation of the technological base and much more.

    Global Training Day

    When: September 8 - September 9
    Where:Omsk, Dumskaya, 7
    Conditions of participation: free of charge, registration is required

    Developers who are a) at the beginning of their professional path and b) Omsk offers the opportunity to learn more about code writing and teamwork under the leadership of Drupal. The practical conference will include work on the sites and modules together with the staff, which will allow you to practice interaction within the team, develop technical skills, assess your degree of training and feel yourself as part of the community.

    R & D in the field of IoT

    When: September 12
    Where: Moscow, st. Godovikova, 9, p.4, Caliber Technopark
    Participation conditions: free of charge, registration is required

    The conference is devoted to discussing the possibilities and limitations of developing the component base of the Internet of things specifically for the Russian market, taking into account the changes of the last year. Special attention will be paid to identifying the current problem field based on practical experience in the development of IoT devices, software and platform solutions, and at the same time to identify solutions. The program includes an introductory panel discussion (inevitable trends), two thematic sessions (test laboratories, components and devices in practice) and a closing round table (network technologies).

    Big Data Conference

    When: September 13
    Where: Moscow, ul. Lenin Sloboda, 26, p15
    Conditions of participation: from 15 000 rubles.

    Application of data analysis and machine learning in business: only modern practices, only fresh cases. The organizers set a high bar for the speakers, striving for the maximum amount of new, relevant content. The tracks are formed in accordance with the interests of different groups of the audience. Those who are involved in the management, development or promotion of business, a direct road to the Business Track, where we will discuss the role of data analysis in these processes. The technical track is devoted to the subtleties of creating tools and solutions for data processing. Finally, the scientific basis of technology - semantic analysis, data structuring, machine learning - will be considered at a seminar for young scientists. In parallel with the main program, a hackathon for remote participants will also be launched on the site.


    When:September 14-15
    Where: Yekaterinburg, ul. Kuybysheva, 44D
    Conditions of participation: from 4000 rub.

    Traditional conference for front-end developers from Yandex. The program includes the most informative reports selected by an expert commission and free communication between speakers and participants. The program is still being formed and at the moment it already covers data structures, prototyping, Wallaby.js, Quokka.js, Houdini, HTML, React and plug-ins to PostCSS.

    DevFest Kaliningrad

    When: September 15-16
    Where: Kaliningrad, ul. Al Nevsky, 14, BFU them. I. Kant
    Terms of participation: from 400 rubles.

    Two-in-one from the Google Developer Group with the support of Google: a two-day Kaliningrad conference will unite the KIT Start get-together for beginners and a conference for experienced developers. The program is divided into four streams (Mobile, Machine Learning, Frontend / Backend, Project Management), each of which welcomes invited experts from Russia and abroad with review reports and practical cases. Time is also allocated for workshops, keynotes and afterparty.

    BIF 2018

    When: September 15
    Where: Belgorod, Belgorod State Philharmonic Hall
    Conditions of participation: 1500 rubles.

    A rich event from the Belgorod community for anyone who writes code or does business in IT. A total of five sections are planned - Development, Digital, Design, Management, Agile / Scrum - each of which will meet in full time, eight hours. The speakers include specialists from VKontakte, Dodo Pizza, Avito, Mosigra, Skyeeng, FRIA and other well-known companies. Networking, games and, unexpectedly, the performance of a concert orchestra of wind instruments are also waiting for those who survive the flow of information.

    Krasnodar Dev Days # 3

    When: September 15
    Where: Krasnodar, ul. Tramway, 2/6
    Conditions of participation: 2000 rub.

    The Krasnodar Conference for Developers is differently constructed so that it would be interesting for everyone who comes. Motley reports are divided into two streams, covering a wide range of topics (frontend, infrastructure, testing, API, Scrum, mobile development). Round tables are organized even more democratically - participants themselves propose topics, collect votes and are divided according to their interests. Given that about 350 people are going to attend the event, the chances of finding like-minded people are quite high.

    Blockchain 2.0

    When: September 15 - October 21
    Where: Moscow, Stremyanny Lane, 36, REU them. G.V. Plekhanov
    Conditions of participation: 95 000 rub.

    Full academic course on the new discipline "digital economy". The program is divided into 12 thematic blocks, each of which is read by an invited expert in the relevant field. During the training, students will become familiar with the basic concepts of the digital economy, the history and specifics of cryptocurrencies, the basics of cryptography and blockchain technologies, mining and trading processes, smart contracts and the legal framework. Certificates of successful completion of the course will be issued based on the results of the exam and project defense, including the conduct of a training ICO.

    Panda-Meetup # 6

    When and where:
    September 15 - Samara, address is specified
    September 22 - Togliatti, address is specified
    Conditions of participation: free of charge, registration is required

    The initiative, which originated this summer in Tolyatti, continues to gain momentum: every month, in addition to the local community gathering, the organizers hold a meeting in one of the Russian cities, where any developer can act as a speaker or simply take part in an informal discussion of the “workers” topics. In September, the turn of Samara will come. Please note: the list of speakers is still being formed.


    When: September 22
    Where: Novosibirsk, ul. Deputatskaya, 46
    Conditions of participation: free of charge, registration is required

    The mobile development conference will bring together programmers from top Siberian companies, as well as visiting speakers up to the international level (, Skyeng, Sberbank). The conversation in a single track will go in different directions: cross-platform development, architecture, innovations in technology, emerging trends, success stories and experience in overcoming difficulties.


    When: September 22-23
    Where: St. Petersburg, Embankment of the Bypass Canal, 74C
    Conditions of participation: 800 rubles.

    A single space for anyone interested in science, with a mass of diverse activities and entertainment. The audience also promises to be variegated: scientists, developers, engineers, designers, popularizers, bloggers, artists ... There will be serious reports from world-class experts, workshops and round tables on robotics, design and prototyping, and spectacular events - art performances , installations, space exposure. The highlight of the program is a full-dome show in the largest planetarium in the world.

    Intelligence Combat Kids

    When: September 22-23
    Where:Perm, Lebedeva, 27, aud.216.
    Participation conditions: free of charge, registration is required. The

    possibility of an early start for startups - that is, a very early start for very young startups. Schoolchildren with ambitious ideas for technology projects are invited to enlist support and get feedback from investors right now. The event is open to entrepreneurs from 7 to 14 years. This stage is preparatory - this is a school where you can test and refine your idea before the final marathon.

    Conference Internet of Things

    When: September 25
    Where: Moscow, 5th Luchevoy Prosek, 7, p. 1, pavilion 7-A
    Conditions for participation: from 8000 rub.

    Opportunity for entrepreneurs and engineers to discuss IoT solutions for businesses, learn about platform and device suppliers, study budget models for testing business models, and outline development plans. The range of topics discussed covers issues of management systems, monetization, security, big data, cloud services and the application of these technologies in specific areas and industries (transportation, medicine, smart city).

    Practical Conference "Machine Learning Technologies"

    When: September 25,
    Where: Moscow, Novodanilovskaya Embankment, 6
    Participation Conditions: 12,900 rubles.

    Here, machine learning will not appear as an abstract trend in technology, but as concrete solutions in real projects. The site will bring together those who are already using cognitive computing, systems and methods of machine intelligence in their work, and those who are just about to include neural networks in the arsenal. Speakers with extensive experience in the deployment and operation of such systems will tell you what advantages they bring and how to use the available technologies (forecasting, video analytics, big data, pattern recognition) for application needs. Participants will be able to even more substantively study the question at master classes and exhibition of solutions from industry leaders.

    MBLT DEV 2018

    When: September 28
    Where: Moscow, 1st Krasnogvardeysky Proezd, 21, p.2
    Participation Conditions:14 000 rub.

    More than 800 participants, recognized experts from iOS and Android development (Google, badoo, Uber, Netflix and others), a variety of formats - in short, the largest international conference on mobile development in Russia holds the bar. In addition to the classic reports, entertaining moments are also announced - quizzes, quests and other interactivity. The program will cover different aspects of development: from architecture to syntax, from refactoring to frameworks, from design to localization.

    Yandex Interface Development School

    When: September 29 - December 23
    Where: Moscow, St. Petersburg, Simferopol - addresses are specified
    Terms of participation: free of charge, based on selection results

    The opportunity for students and young professionals to reach a new level of front-end development. All that is required of candidates is HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, and minimal experience in creating interfaces. The program consists of two parts: traditionally “school” classes (a mix of theoretical material and assignment tasks) and a practical course for a young fighter - working on projects under the leadership of the Yandex team, visiting hakatons, in short, working out real experience. The recruitment will be carried out based on the results of the proposed site tasks. This year the school will be organized in three cities; In addition, applicants with potential who do not fall into the desired geographical area can count on payment of travel and accommodation in Moscow.

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