New books on children's programming on Scratch

    Two novelties from the publishing house ROSMEN appeared on the shelf of books about Scratch: "Video Games on Scratch" and "Animation on Scratch".

    The mini-series is called “Programming for children”, the books are perfect for both first-graders and older children. The books were translated by Denis Golikov, so that you can vouch for the quality of the translation of terms and concepts.

    The advantages of Scratch as a medium for the first acquaintance with programming have long been known. The most important thing: to start programming on Scratch, you do not need to be able to quickly type the code on the keyboard. It is enough to master simple concepts ("sprite", "scene", "costume", "script"), learn to navigate in the windows-areas of the screen and deal with basic tools. Books from ROSMEN will be of great help.

    Although both books are intended for beginners, the book “ Video Games on Scratch ” contains the simplest projects that are more suitable for the first steps in programming.

    Each book has an introduction explaining in detail what Scratch is and how to use it. It also explains the basic concepts needed for work.

    Next, the student is invited to create their own first video game projects. They are reduced from simple to complex. A total of six projects in the book, working on which, the child learns how the video games are arranged “from the inside”, why the games need rules, how to find a balance in the complexity of the game. In order for the projects to turn out the same as in the books, a special section has been created on the publisher's website, where the registered user will be able to download materials - images of characters and backgrounds.

    What the child will master, working on projects from the book "Video Games on Scratch":

    • Project 1, the game "Clap the mosquito." We start a new project and learn to change the costumes of sprites. We program random sprite movement.
    • Project 2, the game "Racetrack". Learn to manage sprites from the keyboard. Make sprites sound.
    • Project 3, the game "Catch, if you can!". Learn to control the interaction between the characters. We fix the ability to program a random movement.
    • Project 4, the game "On the Beach". We learn how to calculate the points in the game using variables. Learn to use messages.
    • Project 5, game "Freaky Umbrella". Learn to create and delete clones, learn how to manage them.
    • Project 6, the game "Jellyfish Salad". We learn to program the game with horizontal level scrolling. We learn how to make the game conditions change every time.

    In addition to these projects, there are also “tricky” tasks in the book, whose solutions you need to find yourself. Thanks to them, even those who easily solved the main tasks of each project will not get bored. So this book can be safely recommended for classes in groups with different levels of student training. At the end of the book for convenience, answers are given to all tasks.

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