Amazon has opened the delivery of electronics in Russia

    In Soviet Russia:

    Today, the Amazon online store began delivering consumer electronics to Russia. Corresponding changes were made to the ordering system on the company's website on September 2. A complete list of countries where delivery is available can be found here .

    In June, Amazon organized the delivery to Russia of home goods, clothing, shoes and accessories. Prior to this, the retailer sold books, films and music in Russia. The bulk of sales came from electronic options.

    Amazon is the largest online store in the world. The company delivers to 65 countries of the world. In 2012, the company reported revenue of $ 61 billion.

    Let me remind you that not so long ago PayPal officially came to Russia, and even earlier, eBay, which greatly expanded the consumer opportunities of Russians.

    In 2012, in Russia, according to the Association of Internet Commerce Companies, the volume of the e-commerce market reached 405 billion rubles. The leader in the Russian online trading market is In 2012, its turnover reached 15.2 billion rubles. According to experts, up to 44 percent of online sales come from consumer electronics. From this we can conclude that large retailers are trying to grab their chunk from the dynamically developing Russian market of online trading, but what will come of it? ..

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