Android Academy: now in Moscow

    On September 5, the basic Android Academy course on Android development starts (Android Fundamentals). We meet at the Avito office at 19:00.

    This is full-time and free tuition. We took Android Academy TLV materials , organized in Israel in 2013, and Android Academy SPB as the basis of the course .

    Registration will open on August 25, at 12:00 and will be available at the link

    The first basic course in Moscow is 12 meetings, according to the program:

    • Introduction to Android
    • The first application is "Hello World"
    • Work with View
    • Work with lists
    • Android Multithreading
    • Networking
    • Local data storage
    • Work with Fragments
    • Services and background work
    • Architecture
    • Results and what we missed
    • Preparing for the hackathon

    Who are we waiting for?

    You will be comfortable if you fall into one of the groups:

    • Familiar with the basics of Java or OOP in principle;
    • You have been developing in any field for about 2 years;
    • Senior student of IT-specialty.

    If you are engaged in object-oriented programming, it will be easier to focus on the main subject of the course - the possibilities of Android and how to work with them. You will be comfortable if, for example, you are already developing a frontend or backend, you use Ruby or C # in your work, or you are a senior student of an IT specialty.

    At the end of the course, you will take part in the 24-hour hackathon and create your own full-fledged application under the guidance of our lecturers and mentors.

    But this is not the main thing ...

    So, so what is the main thing?

    Many development courses are currently underway. As a rule, you complete missions, receive a certificate, your group's chat closes, and you go alone in your voyage.

    The Android Academy is different. This is not just an educational platform, but a community of professional developers. After training on the course, you become part of a community in which people help each other: to find an interesting project, to solve development problems, and not only.

    This is a place where you can come for advice, how and what to do, how to develop. Periodically held meetings of developers and master classes.

    imageYonatan Levin (KolGene)

    “The small course of the fundamentals of development for Android marked the beginning of a community of knowledgeable, experienced developers who, over the 5 years of the Android Academy’s existence, have grown into timlids, experts, leading developers.”

    It sounds cool. Why free?

    Mentoring on the Android Academy course is not one way work when you only share your knowledge and time. Our mentors and teachers are experienced developers and experts in their fields, who continue to develop and share the main idea of ​​the academy: in order to better understand the subject, you must try to explain or show it to others.

    imageAlexander Blinov (HeadHunter, xanderblinov )

    “There are very cool developers, there are even brilliant ones, but only the exchange of knowledge and experience allows you to move with great strides.
    Only a strong and cohesive community is able to make breakthroughs and develop the industry! We are launching Android Academy to strengthen the community of Android developers and replenish it with fresh ideas. "

    Supervising the work of students, mentors themselves share their experiences. They shovel mountains of material in search of optimal solutions and better explanations. Moreover, Android Academy has a “mentor program”, in which seminars and classes are held specifically for mentors. For example, Svetlana Isakova held an exclusive Kotlin master class when he first came out.

    Those who are already in the community can become mentors for newcomers and develop with them, taking responsibility for their success.

    In addition, this is a great opportunity for mentors to attract developers to their projects, which they themselves “brought up”. At the end of the course at the academy formed specialists, not only deeply studied the features of Android-development, but also positively charged to work in a team.

    During their studies, students perform assignments in groups: they create the most friendly atmosphere of mutual help and exchange of experience, which they then transfer to projects and companies.

    imageYevgeny Matsyuk (KasperskyLab, xoxol_89 )

    “Cool, when there is a community of people who love their work. The community, which will help you take the first steps in the big world of mobile development, will prompt you, guide you and give faith in your strength and your talent.
    Android Academy is the very community. ”

    Why did we decide to launch Android Academy in Moscow?

    First of all, we wanted people who were passionate about development to explore Android more deeply , create solutions that they would be proud of, and really love their business.

    imageAlexey Bykov (KasperskyLab, NoNews )

    “I remember my feelings when I wrote my first application and realized that I was an Android developer. I had such an incredible rush of energy and inspiration that I even started running. I want everyone to experience these feelings, finding their favorite thing. It will be great if Android Academy helps someone realize that his or her favorite job is Android development. ”

    The atmosphere is important to us. Android AcademyIt offers an “open door” format that distinguishes it from other courses.

    We will not have lectures, but rather warm meetings, in which any questions and lively discussions are welcome.

    Where will the meetings take place?

    The first 6 meetings will be held at Avito , which also often hosts backend and mobile developers, testers, the Android Peer Lab , where developers can discuss urgent issues in an informal tube atmosphere.

    The remaining places will be announced during the course.

    Summarize, what will this course give you?

    • You will understand whether Android is the development of your vocation.
    • You will learn to develop, understanding and actively using the possibilities of Android .
    • You will get acquainted with cool developers, positively charged for teamwork, self-development and exchange of experience.
    • Become part of the community of Android developers, where you will always be happy to help.

    Registration will open on August 25, at 12:00 and will be available at the link

    Our lecturers

    imageYonatan Levin

    Founder and lecturer Android Academy TLV, community leader. Co-founder and CTO of start-up of KolGene, the genetic market connector. Android Tech Lead at Gett almost from the foundation until December 2016. One of the leading Israeli mobile developers, part of the elite Google Developer Experts team.

    imageAlexey Bykov

    I am engaged in Android-development since 2016.
    In this, the main part of my life is connected with the Kaspersky Security Cloud and Kaspersky Secure Connection projects in KasperskyLab, I also teach Java in one of the mathematical schools at the company.
    I often attend thematic conferences and meetings, sometimes as a speaker. A fan of mobile UX.

    imageAlexander Blinov

    Head of Android in the Headhunter group of companies. I have been doing Android development since 2011. He made presentations at many conferences, including Mobius, Dump, Moscow, Appsconf, Mosdroid, Devfest in various cities of Russia. My voice may be familiar to you in a podcast about Android Android Dev Podcast development. I am a co-author and technical evangelist MVP of the Moxy framework. For me, the development of the team, the company and the Android community is important. Every day I wake up thinking: “What can I improve today?”

    imageEvgeny Matsyuk

    Engaged in Android development since 2012. We survived a lot together, saw a lot, sometimes we had quarrels and misunderstandings, but during this time my feelings for Android have not cooled down yet, because Android is cool and makes our life better. At the moment I am leading the team of KasperskyLab - Kaspersky Internet Security for Android. He made presentations at such meetings and conferences as Mobius, AppsConf, Dump, Mosdroid. The Android community is known for its works on Clean architecture, Dagger, RxJava. Fanatically fighting for the purity of the code.

    imageSergey Ryabov

    I am an independent Android engineer and consultant who comes from the “big” Java. Co-organizer of the first Russian Kotlin User Group in St. Petersburg and Android Academy SPB, speaker Mobius, Techtrain, various GDG DevFest'ov and mitapov. Kotlin is an evangelist.

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