Surprise from Microsoft, or who is PCBP for Russia

    In the Windows 8 Apps Store, for each game, you must specify the minimum age at which you can play it. There is also the opportunity to download certificates that confirm the specified age. For some countries, such a certificate is mandatory, that is, without it, you can not distribute the application in the specified country. More recently, Russia has been added to Korea, South Africa, Brazil and Taiwan. Now, to distribute the application in Russia, you must provide a PCBP certificate.

    But how? The Microsoft documentation has no such certificate.

    Neither Google nor even Microsoft technical support knows further about such a certificate.

    Technical Support Correspondence
    You: And I noticed that Russia also requires the certificate now.
    James: Thanks for the extra information.
    James: However, Russia is nor list within the following MSDN article, I am not aware of the certificate organization that is required for this market.
    You: Just a moment I will send you screenshoot
    James: Ok, thank you.
    You: This is screen from dashboard
    James: Thank you for the screenshot. Since the app is currently in certification, this information is not accessible to me at this time.
    James: You mentioned that only Brazil and Russia were the new markets / countries that you have added for this update.
    You: OK but what about the Russian cretificat. I did not managed to find any info in MSDN nor in Google nor in Russian local news.
    James: I'm afraid that I am also unable to locate any relevant info on this type of certificate for you. My apologies.

    Without a certificate, the application was rejected. And nobody knows how to get it. Perhaps someone from users of Habr was already able to clear up a situation?

    UPD: A Microsoft employee unsubscribed. He said that they are very sorry that I can not find the information. He promised that by Friday they would send me an explanation.

    UPD2: At the moment there is a solution that has been verified by the user Nomad1 . It is enough to load the appropriate of the following images into the certificate field (large images are available by click): UPD3: Friday, a response from support came, where they said that they still do not know what it is and continue the investigation. UPD4: Applications now pass without problems without a certificate. UPD5:

    Microsoft gave an explanation. From the documentation for certificates PCBP refers to . In a word, the advice from UPD2 is fully working. It is worth noting an unprecedented reaction rate. Only 7 days after the comment.

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