Friday webinars from Skillbox: development and everything about it

    The next Friday, which means the appearance of a new selection of free webinars from Skillbox on Habré. Today's video is about programming:

    • PHP application development.
    • IOS application development.
    • How to become an Android developer.
    • Mobile development automation tools.
    • How to start programming in Python.

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    How to develop an application for PHP

    This is the webinar of Badoo’s lead engineer Mikhail Ovchinnikov. He tells novice programmers how to develop an application in PHP. It discusses the reasons for the popularity of PHP as a language for backend development, the complexity levels of basic web applications, and what is required to turn a PHP programmer into a professional.

    Online course "PHP-developer from 0 to PRO"

    How to develop an application for iOS

    Nikita Arkhipov, General Director of Anvics, tells and shows how iOS applications are developed, demonstrates the capabilities of Swift and Xcode. The central case is the independent creation of a todo application: work with data display and processing user actions.

    How to become an Android developer

    Mikhail Ovchinnikov, a leading Badoo programmer, talks about how to become a professional Android developer. The level of skills and knowledge to create your first mobile application, tools for Android development and a story about how a programmer-trainee can become a team leader in an international company - this is what awaits you in this webinar.

    Practical course "Mobile developer from scratch"

    Mobile development automation tools

    Dmitry Shashlov, head of mobile development at Agima, talks about automation tools, including continuous integration, continuous delivery, autotests and tools for working with code in a team: gitflow, pull request and code review.

    Practical online course "Mobile Developer PRO"

    How to start programming in Python

    Vadim Shandrinov, an online university tutor at Skillbox, tells how to program in Python. The webinar reveals the possibilities of the language, demonstrates how to work with functions in Python. Practical case - the creation of the first web application. In addition, the author touches upon the topic of demand for a Python-developer in the labor market.

    Practical course "Python-developer from scratch"

    The whole collection is generally universal and can be useful to anyone who works in IT. If you do not program in those languages ​​that are mentioned in the webinars, nothing prevents you from learning more about them. And if you're programming, it's time to refresh your knowledge.

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