“Friday format”: musical roads - what it is and why they are not in Russia

    The musical roads are like vinyl records. Their surface consists of a number of grooves that play a melody, if you drive on them. The principle of their operation resembles sound extraction with a needle of a vinyl player. The location of the grooves, their depth and the speed with which the car travels, affect the final sound of the road. Examples of countries where there are such roads: Denmark, South Korea, Hungary, Japan, Taiwan, China, Holland and the USA.

    In this article we will tell about the features of such projects.

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    The melody of the city in Denmark

    The first such road was built in the mid-1990s in the Danish city of Gülling, designed by Steen Krarup Jensen and Jakob Freud-Magnus. She was named Asphalt (Asphaltophone). Round relief markers and stripes similar to the “ Botts points ” were put on the road . In order for the road to sound as intended, you need to go at a speed of 70–80 km / h.

    The song, "performed" by the dear, was called the "melody of the city of Gyllinga". Local television shot a report on the opening of the road, available for viewing on YouTube.

    Popular songs in Japan

    The civil engineer Shizuo Shinoda (Shizuo Shinoda), the idea to use the pavement as a musical instrument came in 2004. He noticed that roads broken by tractors produce interesting sequences of sounds.

    Shinoda developed his first musical journey with the Hokkaido Industrial Research Institute (HNIRI) in 2007. She appeared on the site of the Japanese national highway 272 , between the cities of Kushiro and Sibetsu. If you go by car at a speed of 40 km / h, you can hear the melody of Shiretoko Ryojo . Written in the 60-ies of the last century, this love song still remains one of the most frequently performed in a Japanese karaoke.

    Children's song in South Korea

    68% of road accidents in South Korea are caused by the sleepers behind the wheel and not adhering to the speed limit. To help motorists stay alert, the authorities decided to create a musical road.

    The musical road in South Korea is located near Seoul. It is made using similar technology. Passing through the rows of grooves, you can hear the melody of Mary Had a Little Lamb . With the recording of this song by Thomas Edison began the history of recording.

    Folk hymns of China and the USA

    Not far from Beijing, a musical road playing the melody Ode to the Motherland runs along a scenic mountainous terrain . This patriotic song is considered the second anthem of the country - it ends with some Chinese radio programs. You may have heard her performance at the opening ceremony of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.

    Another patriotic musical road is located in the US state of New Mexico, on the famous Route 66. A motorist passing through it will hear the melody of America the Beautiful . Under Kennedy, this popular song from the 1930s almost became the US national anthem.

    Music roads are not always popular.

    “The most annoying promotion” - this was the definition of the advertising campaign of the car Honda Civic. Especially for the automotive news commercial in northern California built a musical road. She received the name of Civic Musical Road.

    Driving through it, you could hear the melody from the symphony of Gioacchino Rossini "William Tell" . The company claimed that the road sounds best when driving on it in a new Civic car at a speed of 90 km / h.

    Residents of nearby areas did not appreciate this idea. After numerous complaints of high noise levels, the road was moved away from residential buildings. But there she was not a success. According to experts , the builders incorrectly calculated the width of the grooves, so it sounded fake. Jeremy Clarkson, driving along this road in one of the editions of Top Gear, compared its sound with the voice from hell.

    Russian road surfaces

    In theory, musical roads should help drivers in a playful way to comply with the speed limit. In Russia, more practical engineering structures are used to improve road safety. Since 2012, on the Russian roads, in addition to warning signs, video recording systems and “speed bumps”, noise bands began to appear. They are noticeable in any weather and any lighting.

    Compared to the musical coating, their application is inexpensive. They do not play a melody, but create noise and vibrations. This approach is one of the measures to reduce accidents on the roads.

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