On Yandex.Disk, you can now buy additional space

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Today, about 12 million people store their files on Yandex.Disk . Any user can get up to 20 GB of cloud space for free, but for many people the photo collection alone probably takes up more space - especially if it contains the originals of digital photos. And if, for example, you are shooting and editing video, then your work files are unlikely to fit in 100 GB.

Now users who lack 20 GB can buy more space on Yandex.Disk. You can purchase an additional 10 GB for 30 rubles per month, 100 GB for 150 rubles, and if you want even 1 TB of space, it will cost 900 rubles per month. Extra bed can be bought for several months or for a year - at a discount. Accepted bank cards and Yandex.Money. Read more about tariffs atDrive page .

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