We turn the system unit into a board for daily planning

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Daily planner
Good day, Habr!

In this issue of Shrewd Pens, I want to tell you how to turn a regular black system case into elegant board shorts for daily planning. Those. tasks are placed on the “board” for the current working day (for me, 9:00 - 18:00). In this paper we will need:
  • system unit case - 1 piece;
  • straight arms - 2 pieces;
  • masking tape 2cm wide - 1 piece;
  • white threads - 1 skein;
  • scissors - 1 piece.

Disclaimer. This option is suitable for those who have the system unit located on the table. Thanks ozver for the comment!

I apologize in advance for the quality of the pictures - I shot on what was at hand.

Our goal is to line the wall with housings in threads, where each section will correspond to a time period of, for example, one hour. The task will be a sticker with the corresponding text.

So, we have a black case and a wall without ventilation perforation.

We measure and cut the thread with a length of wall width with a margin of 3-4 cm at the edges.

On the edges of the thread we attach to the end of the case with pieces of masking tape.

In the process.

After the wall is lined with the desired number of sections, we glue vertical strips of masking tape along the edges of the housing wall itself. These stripes will serve as a timeline and also keep our ruler.

Cut the excess part of the threads. I advise you to cut not at the root, but with a margin of one centimeter.
I will explain why
This article owes its appearance to my carelessness. First, I broke the surface into 8 sections, because we have an eight-hour working day. But what about lunch! As a result, I had one hour, and I decided to try moving the threads, because masking tape allows for such an operation. But the length of the cut ends did not allow the threads to move normally, so it was decided to redo everything, and at the same time photograph and describe in order to share with the habrasociety. Therefore, it is worth leaving ends of sufficient length in case of a change in the number of sections or their size.

So our board for daily planning is ready.

It remains only to apply a timeline.

The final result.

Thanks for attention! I hope someone who comes up with a body tuning suggested by me comes in handy :) Plan, friends!

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