Major conferences on the Internet of things in 2018-2019. Russia and the world

    Linux Foundation Open IoT Summit. Portland, 2018

    In the run-up to our fifth Internet of Things conference, we have compiled a list of the most ambitious IoT events in Russia and in the world. In this case, we focused on the ratings of PTC University , Hewlett Packard Enterpise and Sam Solutions .

    Below is a list of events to be held in Russia, Europe, the USA and Asia in the near future. Within each section, events are arranged in chronological order.


    Internet of Things conference
    September 25, 2018, Moscow

    Battle of startups at the Internet of Things conference. 2017

    Our Internet of Things conference is held in Moscow for the fifth time, and this year there will be a lot of practice. Conventionally, the event can be divided into three components: a conference, an exhibition and a battle of startups.

    Among the speakers are Denis Lukash, executive director of the Center for Digital Rights, Assem Moussa, senior engineer of Egyptair, Alexander Isavnin, coordinator for international cooperation of RosKomSvoboda. The full program is here .

    In addition to reports, visitors are waiting for two discussion panels. The first is about the effective urban technologies of the future. The second is about the industrial Internet of things in Russia and the industries that have become an example of the transition to intellectual production.

    The battle of startups will be interesting for beginners who need support or funding. Participation is free, application can be submitted until September 10. On the outcome of last year's battle, we wrote here .

    The event will be interesting to business representatives who are looking for new knowledge and business partners in the field of the Internet of things.

    Cost: from $ 200 to $ 10,000.

    IoT: Digital Transformation
    October 18, 2018, Moscow

    Conference from media resource Unites Russian representatives of the Internet of Things.

    The key audience is the suppliers for whom the conference will become a presentation platform, and customers who need high-quality goods and services in the field of IoT.

    The conference brings together state-owned companies and market leaders: the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Department of Science, Russian Railways, MTS, Megafon, Rostelecom, Sberbank, Gazprom-Neft, Bosch,

    Rostec , and others. (as an exhibitor).

    Interlight Moscow powered by Light + Building
    November 6-9, 2018, Moscow

    Interlight Moscow 2017

    The Interlight Moscow exhibition is organized according to the format of the international exhibitions Light + Building. The event is dedicated to electrical engineering and smart lighting. Since 2012, solutions for the smart home have been a constant part of the exhibition.

    In 2018, there will be a separate exhibition "Integrated Security Systems". Among the participants are companies Arlight, Gira, Steinel, Stairslight and others.

    Also at the exhibition will show:

    • access control and management systems;
    • video surveillance systems;
    • security and fire alarm systems;
    • warning systems and evacuation management.

    Cost: when registering through the site participation is free.

    Internet of Things Forum
    November 29, 2018, St. Petersburg

    International exhibition and conference from the organizer of the Garant Group. IoT Forum is designed for representatives of corporations, investors and entrepreneurs.

    There is no exact information on this year’s event. Last year, the conference was divided into 2 blocks: Software- and Hardware-products for the Internet of Things.

    Cost: from $ 7,000 to $ 10,000.

    InoThings ++
    January 2019, Moscow

    Conference organized by the well-known Habré company Ontiko. Target audience - developers.

    The previous InoThings ++ conference covered the development of hardware and software of devices, and also was devoted to issues of cybersecurity, data storage and processing in IoT.

    Information about the speakers and the program InoThings 2019 is announced later. Surely on Habré too.

    Cost: ₽ 15 000.


    IoT Solutions 2018
    October 16-18, 2018, Spain

    One of the largest events in Europe: an area of ​​32,000 m², 300 exhibitors and as many speakers.

    The conference was divided into 6 streams: smart transportation, industry, medicine, energy saving, smart cities and software for IoT.

    The event will be awarded IoT Solutions Awards among products for IoT, blockchain and machine learning. Anyone can take part - it's free. The application deadline is October 17.

    Also on the territory of IoT Solutions promise a zone for testing new products and a seminar, the participants of which will receive an official certificate.

    Cost: from € 30 (exhibition only) to € 1 195 (Full pass).

    Atmosphere 2019
    March 31 - April 5, 2019, Poland

    Atmosphere 2018

    Atmosphere is an Aruba (Hewlett Packard Enterprise) event focused on their customers or partners. Participants will learn how to use Aruba Mobile First Architecture in their business.

    The main reports will tell:

    • how to turn IT resources into assets for your company;
    • how to take advantage of the introduction of IoT;
    • how to make cloud and local technologies flexible for business.

    At the previous event, 140 speakers took the floor in five days, and the number of visitors reached 3,000. We believe that this year’s event will be even bigger.

    IEEE 5th World Forum on the Internet of Things
    April 15-18, 2019, Ireland

    The leading conference of the IEEE IoT Initiative, where they talk about the practical application of the Internet of Things. The event covers the following areas:

    • public safety;
    • emergency response;
    • logistics;
    • industrial internet of things;
    • IoT for agriculture.

    The previous event was held in Singapore - in recognition of the country's success in the field of "smart" technologies. All reports were devoted to the subject of smart cities.


    Industry of Things World USA
    November 14-16, 2018

    Industry of Things World USA is a highly specialized event focusing on the industrial Internet of things.

    It will be relevant for senior executives who want to use the Internet of things in their company.

    At the conference, special emphasis is placed on automation, M2M communication, analytics and new business models in the industrial field. Speakers include John Tsang (Hewlett Packard Enterpise), Christy Swanson (Vodafone) and Ken Goldberg (University of Berkeley).

    Cost: from $ 2,295 to $ 3,495.

    Minds + Machines 2018
    October 30-31, 2018

    Minds + Machines is a conference organized by GE Digital. The event is dedicated to the infrastructure and IoT applications for the industrial sector.

    This year, the organizers promise specific content for directors and managers focused on the digital transformation of their companies.

    GE Digital - John Flannery, Lisa Joy, Leonard Brody will be the main speakers at the conference, but representatives from other companies will also drop in.

    They promise to surprise at the Digital Innovator Award - the annual award for the greatest contribution to the field of the Internet of things. Anyone can participate in the nomination. True, no longer this year: the acceptance of applications ended July 20.

    Cost: $ 1,495.

    IoT Tech Expo North America
    November 28-29, 2018

    IoT Tech Expo North America. 2017

    IoT Tech Expo America is the largest exhibition on the Internet of Things in the United States, which in 2017 gathered about 13,000 participants. IoT Tech Expo America consists of 3 separate exhibition areas: cloud technologies, blockchain and artificial intelligence.

    The speakers include Al Salur (The Boeing Company), Joseph M. Bradley (Cisco Systems), Steve London (General Motors) and many others. It is noteworthy that the event will be held in Santa Clara - one of the centers of Silicon Valley.

    The organizer will repeat the same events in London and Amsterdam , but with a smaller scale.

    Cost: From $ 149 to $ 1,499.

    IoT Evolution Expo
    January 29 - February 1, 2019

    Elias Pinto at Iot Evolution Expo 2018

    IoT Evolution Expo is a 4-day Florida Coastal event. Focused on business representatives.

    Speakers include industry pioneer Maciezh Kranz (Cisco Systems), Homaira Akbari (AKnowledge Partners), George Mulhurn (Cradlepoint) and others. There will also be a free exhibition where visitors will be shown new software.

    You can register for one of four areas: Industrial IoT Conference , Smart City Event , LPWAN Expo and IoT Evolution Health .

    Cost: from $ 575 to $ 2,995.

    Internet of Things World
    May 13-16, 2019

    This is one of the most wide-ranging events on the Internet of Things in the USA. Covers areas of smart cities, cars, homes, health, energy, agriculture, supplies, logistics and more.

    The Internet of Things World consists of a conference and exhibition. Among the speakers are Jennifer Waldo (GE Digital), Steve Szabo (Verizon), Juan Perez (UPS) and others. The exhibition is free, and it promises about 300 exhibitors.

    Cost: from $ 795 to $ 2 500.

    Linux Foundation Open IoT Summit
    August 21-31, 2019

    Open IoT Summit 2018 The

    Linux Foundation organizes a series of events around the world. Their slogan is “There is something for everyone”.

    Open IoT Summit is an event for developers and companies using Linux in embedded products. Visitors will be able to listen to the reports of completely different experts - from software architects to top managers.

    Nothing is known about the speakers this year, but at the previous summit representatives of Linux, Samsung, Google and Intel spoke.

    In 2019, the organizers promise to combine the Open IoT Summit and the Open Source Summit.

    Cost: from $ 150 to $ 1,100.


    IoT / M2M Autumn 2018
    October 24-26, 2018, Japan

    International exhibition dedicated to the Internet of things and related products. It takes place in the framework of the Japanese autumn week of information technology Japan IT Week.

    According to IoT / M2M Autumn 2018, their previous event attracted 102 thousand visitors and 28 thousand participants.

    IoT / M2M Autumn 2018 unites foreign and Japanese manufacturers, developers, top management, researchers and representatives of government and public organizations.

    The exhibition will be divided into several zones dedicated to:

    • electronic certification;
    • security in IoT;
    • RFID technology;
    • touch sensors.

    Cost: Free for the first 5,000 participants, then announce the amount of the contribution.

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