Russian Post lost its twitter for debts, and before that it was said that it was hacked

    It seems to me very significant news: Russian Post lost its @postofrussia Twitter account because it did not pay its owners. The fact is that the account (as is customary in many companies that are not particularly friendly with the Internet) was issued to a certain mail employee with whom, according to this employee, the old management had verbal agreements. The new leadership of the Russian Post refused to pay for services (according to the same “no-one” employee, we are talking about three million rubles) and the person was fired.

    Quote from the press service:
    “The person who blocked our account until May was on the staff of the Russian Post, and all the agreements that were formalized were executed by us. As for the oral agreements, the new management considered that it was not obliged to fulfill them. In accordance with the law, we are ready to fulfill obligations if they are recorded in the form of documents. Until now, there has not been a single treaty on a similar topic. After the employee was fired, we managed our account ourselves, without outside assistance. The company decided not to succumb to the provocations and blackmail of former employees. ”

    Interestingly, before that, the Russian Post stated that its account was hacked. Well, now the mail has a new twitter: @ruspostofficial.

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