Where to work in the capital - a brief overview of 15 Moscow cokings

    Hi, Habr! The summer holiday season is gradually ending, many of us return to work. Therefore, I decided to compile a collection of coworkings in Moscow and the surrounding area, where you can not just work, but learn something new and find people close in spirit.

    Di telegraph

    Address: st. Tverskaya, 7

    Creative people come to the co- working of this multifunctional space: designers, artists, developers and entrepreneurs, inspired by their idea. DI Telegraph is also suitable for outsourcing teams who need to periodically gather somewhere and discuss business issues (such as the guys from HINT ).

    Lectures on unique topics are held at the site: how to go savage through the vineyards or what role gamification plays in our lives.

    TechCrunch journalist and editor Mike Butcher (Mike Butcher) called the DI Telegraph an interesting place and noted that investors from the US and the UK can find new interesting projects here, and start-ups can enter the international market with their product.

    Just yesterday, DI Telegraph acquired rent24, a German coworking network that also owns restaurants and fitness centers. Now the global company is working to unite all the institutions in a single ecosystem. rent24 even develops its blockchain platform, which will give community members the opportunity to communicate with each other and exchange services.


    #tceh on Myasnitskaya: ul. Myasnitskaya, 13, p.18
    #tceh on China-city: Lubyansky passage, 19, p.1

    These are not just offices and negotiations with furniture, equipment, air conditioning and cleaning. As the creators of the project say , in #tceh they implemented a whole ecosystem for the development of IT entrepreneurs and their ideas. In the first place - people and knowledge.

    There are educational courses (there are joint projects with IIDF), thematic meetings and pitch sessions to help startups to find investors. Among the “graduates” of #tceh are projects such as the Cinemood cinema, the Directual or Hybrid platform, and many others.

    At the same time, #tceh offers a separate space for VR / AR projects with everything you need: from equipment to expertise.

    Digital october

    Address: Bersenevskaya Embankment, 6, bldg. 3

    In 1889, the largest chocolate factory in Russia, Red October , was located here. Now on this site hold a global conference, the presentation of technological solutions and educational programs.

    Digital October has workshops on working with neural networks , lectures in the Fuckup Nights format , hackathons like Unblock , meetings with leading startups , conferences , workshops , festivals - all the most “juicy” events that may be of interest to the digital community.


    Address: Bolshaya Savvinsky Lane, 12 p.8

    Imagine a bar filled with bearded bikers in leather who share their impressions from the last motoseason while sipping a third pint. Now drop the skin and the sharp smell of beer and replace bikers with programmers and entrepreneurs. So five years ago, the first tech-hub “Key” appeared in St. Petersburg.

    Later, the "institution" moved to Moscow. On the territory of the capital there are five sites.where freelancers, startups and whole studios gather. The spaces are located in the historical buildings of Moscow: for example, the “Key Arma” is located on the territory of the gas-cylinder plant “Arma”. Moreover, coworking designers tried to preserve the unique atmosphere of each building. There are also coworkings on Silk, on Danilovskaya Manufactory, on Patriarch's Ponds, on Trekhgorny Manufactory.

    At these sites, you can work alone, book a meeting room or rent an entire office (the minimum rental period is 1 month). If you need to hold your event, the “Key” team will take care of the technical part - adjust the sound, light, video and feed the guests.

    Strelka Institute

    Address: Bersenevskaya Embankment, 14, p.5.

    The Strelka Institute is a creative educational cluster with an experimental approach to learning. All programs and events here, one way or another, are associated with urbanism.

    Unlike other sites, Strelka is a live research laboratory in the city, where they form communities ready to build the future. Here you can organize your event, listen to lectures or just chat with colleagues "without ties" in the eclectic interiors of the bar of the same name .


    Address: st. Novoslobodskaya, d.16

    The creators of this space tried to make it as convenient as possible for all who come there: 77 meters on foot from the Mendeleevskaya metro station, in order not to apologize for being late for a meeting because of traffic jams; well-thought-out plan of working and common areas so that no one interferes with anyone; and access for residents to all activities: from yoga to hakaton.

    The table is suitable for those who want to develop their project, at the same time getting acquainted with useful people. There is also a park on the roof with a grill, bar and night lighting, where you can gather people for a conference or just relax with the team after work.


    Address: st. Earthen embankment, d.8

    This network of smart offices is suitable for those who need a working space, but only want to pay for what they use, and not for “batch” negotiations. To remove or add a workplace to SOK is a matter of one day. It takes into account all the subtleties of the office ecosystem: from the right lighting angles to stationery and access to communications, so that coworking guests can work calmly and not be distracted.

    Here you can work in the open space format, communicating with other residents, and in separate rooms of “different capacity”, so that no one interferes with your concentration. In addition, within the framework of the SOK.Point project , residents can attend events or enlist the support of accelerators and find partners.

    Social Club Rimsky-Korsakov

    Address: Prospekt Mira, d.41, p. 1 The

    feature of this coworking is the atmosphere of the 19th century. Here you can organize a business meeting or present a new product surrounded by stucco and baroque curtains, seating guests in antique chairs. There are music and poetry evenings, film screenings and exhibitions of paintings, but you can just get together with colleagues to discuss business issues, for example, at a round table in the Hall window .

    Of course, for all the guests here: smart Wi-Fi, tea, coffee, cookies and extra things like a projector, whiteboard or microphone.


    Address: st. Bolshaya Novodmitrovskaya, d.36, p.2

    There are a lot of designers and programmers in Flacon, because in this co-working they love creative work in all its manifestations. “Do what you want!” Is the motto of “Flacon”.

    In addition to the standard workplace and Wi-Fi, residents can go to a restaurant, spa salon or swimming pool, play volleyball in the summer and go ice skating in the winter - all this is located on the territory of the Design Factory.

    The coworking START HUB is located on the same territory ( map). You can come here to work even at three in the morning, at least at six in the morning - the playground is open around the clock. There are three halls with fixed seats, a kitchen and two meeting rooms - a total area of ​​400 squares. Residents say that START HUB looks like a big loft apartment, and the atmosphere is like in the TV series Friends. Another funny cat lives here .


    Address: 15 coworkings in the Moscow region ( map at the very end of the page )

    This network of coworking is suitable for those who are tired of the capital, and would like to work in the Moscow region (or those who live there). You can rent a workplace, mini-office, meeting room, conference room, use business services and drink all the coffee in the kitchen. Tariffs are nicer here than in Moscow.

    For teams, beginners and students discounts and promotions. All residents can take part in thematic meetings without boring presentations - only live communication, exchange of experience and real benefits.


    Address: 109, Leninsky Prospekt.

    In this coworking you can rent a workstation for one, a conference room for 64 people and office boxes for four people. But this is all already familiar. The differences between this space I would call a free underground parking for residents, a lounge area with a PlayStation and a punching bag, as well as “bundled” equipment like MacBooks and audio systems.

    Since the “Atmosphere” is located on the sixth floor of the “RIO” shopping and entertainment center, guests of a co-working simply go down the elevator to watch a movie or eat at a restaurant after work.


    Address: st. Sadovnicheskaya, 42, p. 6

    Space-U spaces may appeal to those who prefer to adjust everything for themselves: here you can move the furniture and adjust the lighting as it will be convenient. There is also a wardrobe for 80 people, the possibility of day and evening rental of individual spaces for events and negotiations.

    I would like to highlight the space “Vertical” - these are five staircases with a height of 15 meters for any type of work, presentations with the ability to adjust the lighting for each object.


    Deworkacy Red October: Bersenevskaya nab., 6, p. 3
    News: st. Tverskaya, d.18, k.1
    Corporate Innovations Hub: ul. Bolshaya Polyanka, d.2 / 10, p. 1

    Each space under the auspices of Deworkacy is special in its own way. In Deworkacy Red October, you can look at the Moscow River and the monument to Peter I during breaks (or work). Most of all, in my opinion, this platform is suitable for startups or freelancers.

    The Deworkacy Izvestia is located in the building of the former Izvestia newspaper, so it can become a second home for media projects or those involved in advertising.

    Corporate Innovations Hub is perhaps the most versatile platform: here you can rent one of the many ordinary offices or organize yourself a virtual one. There is also a library with a fireplace, a sleeping area, rooms for pitch sessions, telephone booths, a patio and a large conference room for 120 guests. The technology hub occupies three floors, so it will be convenient to work here for both small teams and those who have decided to hold a large-scale conference or hackathon.

    Technopark "Strogino

    Address: st. Tvardovsky, 8, p.1

    Technopark "STROGINO" will allow you to go through all the stages of business development in one place. First start in coworking with a project that is at the idea stage. When it "ripens", it can be tested at the Center for prototyping. Next, you can move to a Business Incubator, with the help of experts to put the product on the market.

    Such a project support cycle is a good help for start-up entrepreneurs. Prices here are lower when compared with similar sites. Plus, you can ask advice from experienced mentors that it will never be superfluous if the team is young.

    PS Of course, this is not all coworking in Moscow. Therefore, it would be interesting to learn about the places for work and their features that you like (or do not like) - share your opinion in the comments.

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