ACM ICPC 2013 World Programming Championship in St. Petersburg

    Today, on July 3, the ACM ICPC 2013 final will take place . This year it will be held for the first time in Russia, - it is hosted by St. Petersburg NRU ITMO , whose team has become the champion four times. Yandex helps to conduct the Championship and organizes a live broadcast from St. Petersburg, which will begin at 9:15 Moscow time.
    You can watch it here - .
    UPD: We started.

    UPD2: The team of St. Petersburg University ITMO won the ACM ICPC2013 World Programming Championship. Congratulations! The lead presenter and commentator will be Fredrik Niemelä

    Yandex supports AMC ICPC 2013

    familiar to those who have watched the live contest for the past few years. I and Frederick will be helped by Charles McKathy Neville - the representative of Yandex in the W3C.
    During the broadcast, we will interview the guests of the championship, among which, for example, the creator of C ++ Bjarne Straustrup .

    For the first time in the history of the student team world championship, anyone can solve the same problems as the participants and send them through the Kattis referee system - . ICPC finalists use a very similar one.

    This year, 2322 universities participated in the ACM ICPC qualifying rounds. In total, 120 teams reached the final.

    And among them 15 - from Russia:
    • Altai State Technical University
    • Izhevsk State Technical University
    • Moscow Aviation Institute
    • Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology. Fizteh
    • Moscow State Institute of Steel and Alloys
    • Moscow State University M.V. Lomonosov
    • Novosibirsk State University
    • Perm State National Research University
    • St. Petersburg Academic University - Scientific and Educational Center for Nanotechnology RAS
    • Samara State Aerospace University
    • Saratov State University
    • Saint Petersburg State University
    • Saint-Petersburg National Research University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics
    • Ufa State Aviation Technical University
    • Ural Federal University.

    Two - from Ukraine:
    • KNU named after Taras Shevchenko
    • Kharkiv National University named after V.N. Karazin.

    Two - from Kazakhstan:
    • Kazakh-British Technical University
    • International IT University.

    And one from Belarus:
    • Belarusian State University.

    The official ICPC 2013 blogger at Codeforces is a two-time world champion and our colleague Egor EgorK Kulikov. He became the second Russian (after Peter Mitrichev) to win both TopCoder Open and Google Code Jam. In addition to the video broadcast on, you can follow the text that Yegor will lead .

    In his opinion, six teams are favorites of the championship.

    Moscow State University M.V. Lomonosov . In the current squad, the team is participating in the ICPC finals for the second time. Last year, the guys took 10th place and won bronze medals.

    Shanghai Transport (Jiaotong) University. Three-time world champions. They showed the best result among the Chinese teams in the Battle of the Giants.

    SPbSU . At the Ukrainian stage of the Open Cup, the guys were able to get ahead of the ITMO team.

    University of Tokyo . Behind the participants of the Japanese team are the finals of TopCoder Open, Google Code Jam, Facebook Hacker Cup, VK Cup and medals of the International Mathematics Olympiad.

    National Taiwan University . The university team showed impressive results in regional competitions, taking prizes. In Jakarta, they went around the University of Tokyo.

    SPb NRU ITMO . Four times winners of ACM ICPC. The ITMO team won the World Championship gold medal nine times, which is the highest achievement in history.

    The final venue is the large hockey arena of the Yubileiny sports complex

    Egor Kulikov, along with nine of our colleagues, was among the analysts of the championship who will analyze the tasks during the broadcast. Yandex has been growing for many years as winners and participants of ACM ICPC. For example, two members of the Belarusian team are working in our Minsk development office, and one of the members of the St. Petersburg State University team is working on the Robotester project in St. Petersburg. Last year, the entire team of Fiztekh consisted of our colleagues, who studied at the School of Data Analysis. We do not just follow the competitions, but also participate in their conduct and support individual teams .

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