New Hakeslet: online courses (Java, SICP, Objective-C, etc.) in Russian

    Hello, Habr! Last fall, I opened Hakeslet, an educational project with free online programming courses in Russian. A week later , the first course started - Development for OS X. It was a very interesting experience, but many mistakes were made in the development of this project. Today, I am pleased to announce the restart of Hakeslet! What awaits you:

    • New site and convenient, fast engine. There were so many problems with the old one that many students simply could not use it normally.
    • Improved course format. In the first version, I tried to emulate a physical university on the Internet, but I had to do an online course initially.
    • Personal communication with the teacher. I want to make this feature an important difference from other educational projects.
    • New, interesting courses and plans for future courses.

    Already now you can enroll in the first three courses:

    1. Java Application Development
    2. The structure and interpretation of computer programs (SICP)
    3. OS X Development

    Trailer of a very interesting SICP course:

    Under the cut - descriptions of current and future courses.

    Course "Java Application Development"

    Beginner course in Java and preparation for certification Java SE 7 from Oracle. The content is about this . The first lecture is already available, the second will be released on June 20. There will be about seven in total. There is a podcast in iTunes .

    The first lecture is a course description and an introduction to Java:

    Course "Structure and interpretation of computer programs"

    Russian version of the famous SICP course on the book of the same name . Very important and very interesting course. Suitable for both experienced programmers and absolute beginners. It talks about those fundamental principles that underlie modern programming. The course is divided into 5 parts, in each order 5 lectures. The first lecture will be released on July 1.

    Course "Development for OS X"

    Recycling and repetition of our very first course. Objective-C programming language and application development for Mac OS X. Course duration - 15 weeks, several video modules will be released every week. At the end of each module - a small test. Beginning - August 1, 2013.

    Course Description:

    Future JavaScript Programming Course

    A small but important course in one of the most popular programming languages. We will not touch on its use on the web (no jquery or node.js), but we will study the language itself, prototypes, closures, and so on.

    Future course "Introduction to Genetics" An

    initial course on evolution, genes, DNA. For starters, you can see the introductory lecture on genetic algorithms:

    Future course "Operating Systems"

    An interesting journey into the bowels of the computer, to the place where the iron meets with the programs. For seed, you can see a piece of my lecture from Almaty IT University (in English):

    In order not to miss the launch of future courses - you can subscribe to the newsletter. In general, there are a lot of ways to monitor project updates, all of which are listed on the main page . New courses will be published here in our blog on Habré .

    The site and the project as a whole are constantly being supplemented and improved. If you notice a mistake, or you have an idea, or you just want to talk about Hexlet, write to .

    Huxlett, as before, exists thanks to the donations and volunteer help of good people. You too can support us .

    Want to teach?

    We invite teachers and help them develop, record and publish their courses, find an audience and support their projects. You can create free or paid courses. Write on .

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