NSA drama continues: GCHQ listened to politician talks at the G20 summit and built fake Internet cafes

    The new day brings new details of the drama from Edward Snowden: According to the documents that he showed to the Guardian, it turned out that the UK Government Communications Center ( GCHQ ) intercepted the phone calls of delegations from the G20 meeting countries in London in 2009.

    In addition, fake Internet cafes were built, used to intercept email. Got access to email read through Blackberry.

    45 analysts were behind the whole process, information about calls (who is talking to whom) was displayed on a huge video screen in real time. The operation was authorized at the highest level by British Prime Minister Gordon Brown. The information obtained was passed on to his delegation to give them an advantage in the negotiations.

    The report also says that experts tried to intercept and decrypt satellite phone calls from London to Moscow to the President of Russia (at that time Medvedev), and other delegates.

    A few slides from the presentation:

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