Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 539, or “Wi-Fi legalize”

Good day, Habr!

I could not restrain myself. For the past three months (almost) silence on all channels.


Everyone who is somehow or other connected with the provision of radio services, including the author of the post, has long known what Hemorrhoids are. Exactly. With a capital letter.

The smallest part of this Hemorrhoids is the registration in Roskomnadzor of short-range devices (URMD), which operate at a frequency of 2400 - 2483.5 MHz with a maximum EIRP of no more than 100 mW. And simply put - registration of Wi-Fi bridges, the classic representatives of which are devices we all know Ubiquity M2 series, certified for use in the Russian Federation. The procedure, of course, is quite easy, but nonetheless takes time. And time is money.

With this post I will hasten to please you. Since March 19th, 2013, for the subject’s resolution, the amendment N237 entered into force, which until now (for reasons I do not understand) has not been highlighted anywhere on specialized resources. Not even off. RFC resources, and Roskomnadzor. In general, nowhere.

Why is this amendment so interesting? The answer is under the cut.

The plot, or “And what's the point?”:

Starting from March 19, 2013, a very large amount of equipment was excluded from the list of Radio-Electronic Means (RES) and High Frequency Installations (VU) to be registered with the territorial authorities of Roskomnadzor, which I probably will not undertake to list. Anyone who is interested in one way or another to study the entire list (including hearing aids) - please follow the link below !
The most important thing in all of this (personally for me and many telecom operators) is that now there is no need for simplified registration for the URMR indicated in the "preamble" in the range of 2400 - 2483.5 MHz with a maximum EIRP of no more than 100 mW.


There is still, however, an obscure moment with a band of 5795 - 5815 MHz with a permissible EIIMP of not more than 200 mW (which fit into the performance characteristics of Ubiquity M5 series).
28. Telematics devices in transport in the radio frequency band 5795 - 5815 MHz with a permissible transmitter radiation power of not more than 200 mW.

If someone explains to me WHAT this is, I will be very grateful, since they told me at KomTek ( WirelessMan , ay!) That this does not apply to broadband access. Let this not fit in with my vision of the world, but I should know in the end.

The result:

WiFi for free! And let no one go offended!
You can give radio to terminal clients at short distances and build small low-power spans without registering them anywhere and without fear of complaints from residents and others like them in the RFC and Roskomnadzor. Legalize!


The current (outdated) version of the 539th resolution on the website of the St. Petersburg Roskomnadzor

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