Introducing 3CX v15.5 Update 6 BETA and WebRTC browser softphone

This week you have released the beta version of 3CX v15.5 Update 6. This is our last update in the update cycle for 3CX v15.5. Behind him will be presented a global update - 3CX v16.

3CX v15.5 Update 6 includes new interesting features, including the browser-based softphone running on WebRTC technology, and server support for the modern OPUS voice codec .

WebRTC Browser Softphone

3CX v15.5 Update 6 includes a completely new browser based video softphone running on WebRTC technology. To enable it, in the 3CX management interface, go to Settings> PBX> Basic Settings and enable the Enable WebRTC softphone in Web Client (Beta) option. Then in the 3CX web client, click on the phone icon and select 3CX Web Client as the phone for calls.

WebRTC-softphone allows you to call from anywhere and any device where the Chrome browser is installed. In addition, all 3CX features are now available to Linux users, along with Windows and MAC users (for which the native clients of 3CX Phone were previously released).

Clients for smartphones with improved, fast push

PUSH notification capabilities in 3CX clients for iOS and Android have been greatly improved. Delivery of notifications is now much more stable. In addition, you can register several mobile clients on one 3CX extension and receive push notifications for all clients at the same time. To use this feature, the latest client versions are required.

Supports analog FXO and FXS Grandstream gateways

In Update 6, we added official support for analog FXO and FXS Grandstream gateways. Guides are prepared for automatically configuring and connecting all Grandstream gateways to the 3CX system:

Avaya IP Phone Support

At the request of many customers who have historically used Avaya phones and a large fleet of this equipment has been preserved, we have added support for outdated Avaya 9601, 9608G, 9611G, 9621G and 9641G IP phones . Please note that support is offered with some limitations of functionality, however auto-tuning and 3CX basic features are supported.

Distinctive Ringtones for Call Queues

3CX v15.5 Update 6 allows call center operators to distinguish “by ear” from which Queue they were called. This is very convenient when one operator serves several Queues (companies / projects).

To use this feature, first enable it in Settings> SIP Clients.

Then add the agent number to the Call Queue. After that, if the operator uses a supported IP phone, in the phone auto-tuning settings, a choice of an individual ringtone will appear for each queue that includes this extension number.

Permission and prohibition of recording a subscriber’s conversation

Another possibility that we have implemented at the request of users is the ability of the caller to explicitly refuse or agree to record his conversation when calls are in the Queue.

Depending on what is offered to the subscriber, the conversation is being recorded or not. This ignores the call recording settings directly on the extension. For example, if the user has the option Record all conversations, and the subscriber in the Queue refused to record, this conversation will not be recorded.

Priority codecs for internal and external calls

Now you can set the priority of voice codecs on the server for those calls that go through the media server, i.e. via the 3CX core (recorded calls, calls from SIP operators, audio conferencing, etc.). You can independently set codec priority for internal and external calls. It is recommended to install codecs with high computational load (G729 and OPUS) only for external calls.

Own templates of SIP-operators

Your SIP operator can now, instead of connecting with many specific parameters, provide an XML template file containing all the necessary configuration. Just upload the file, specify the phone number and password - and you can call!


Other improvements

We describe the other changes more briefly, because they are fairly obvious and do not require additional configuration.

  • Added pop-up notifications for incoming chat messages.
  • Updated user password policy: password length increased from 6 to 10 characters with the obligatory use of upper and lower case.
  • Added support for OPUS voice codec.
  • Added support for CRM Microsoft Dynamics 365 .
  • Ability to set your own logo on the IP-phone display (only in Enterprise edition)
  • Welcome letter 3CX is localized to supported languages. In addition, it includes the image of a QR code for auto-tuning 3CX clients.
  • Full changelog .

Install Update 6

Go to the 3CX Management Interface Updates section, highlight the Update 15.5 SP6 Beta release and click Install. Please note that Update 6 expands the range of audio ports from 9000-9500 to 9000-10999. Modify the firewall rules to the new range.

If you want to install a new system immediately with the update enabled, versions for Windows and Linux are available .

Do not install the beta version in a working environment. Use it only to test new features. Backup copies made on beta versions will not work. In addition, it does not apply technical support regulations.

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