Philips Shoqbox SB7300 Portable Audio Review

    Philips SHOQBOX SB7300 was presented in 2012 at the international exhibition of consumer electronics in Berlin. Compact, stylish, with good sound for its size - these are the main features of the portable speaker system that I will talk about today.

    ► Declared specifications

    image4 x 1 "neodymium magnet emitter + 1 low-frequency wOOx (total output power: 12 W)
    imageBluetooth profiles: A2DP, AVRCP, HFP, HSP
    imageGesture control
    imageLine input 3.5 mm
    imageVoice notification of charge level and connection status
    imageBattery capacity 1300 mAh (up to 8 h)
    imageDimensions: 63 x 63 x 182 mm
    imageWeight: 0.61 kg
    Full table of specifications from the official website of the manufacturer

    In the Shoqbox line, in addition to the hero of our today's review, there are 2 more models - SB7100 and SB7200. The first, in terms of design, is a complete analogue of the SB7300 (except for the color), and differs by two emitters (instead of four) and, accordingly, the output power, which positively affected the overall dimensions. The second model is also built on the basis of two emitters and differs from its older counterparts in shock and moisture-proof housing.

    ► Packaging and equipment

    Philips SB7300 comes in a large enough box of black cardboard. All sidewalls are filled with text informing us about certain features inherent in this device.
    For example, an audio system can be used both vertically and horizontally. Interesting is the ability to combine two devices to get stereo sound. A kind of system 2.0.
    In addition to the “box” itself, the package contains: a huge number of instructions in various languages, a warranty card, certificates of conformity GOST and CE (more about them later), a 3.5 mm stereo cable for line-in, a USB cable and a charger.
    The power supply is standard: 2 A and voltage 5 V. It is assembled soundly, heats up during charging, but it is not critical.
    Speaking of certificates. If you believe these pieces of paper, then our experimental meets at least 5 GOSTs. All of them are in the "Electromagnetic compatibility of technical equipment", except for the last - IEC 60065-2009 , which is responsible for safety requirements.
    The package is solid, the packaging is high-quality, in a word - a brand.

    ► Design, build quality

    Entirely and completely, the device is made of metal. From the general concept, only the overlay for the gesture control sensor stands out. The speakers are covered with a metal mesh, and the ends are covered with aluminum plates.
    At one of the ends are all the basic controls: volume control and a function button (more about that later). The first, moreover, is also combined with a power button. The regulator has an unlimited stroke, but when setting the maximum volume, the device will emit a signal, after which it will notify you with a pleasant female voice about the achievement of the final indicator.
    The opposite is covered with a rubberized cover, which is also used as a stand when using the Philips Shoqbox SB7300 in an upright position. Under the cover is a connector for charging Micro USB format.
    The lower part (the junction of the protective net) is masked by a small aluminum plate with integrated rubber legs. Nearby you can see the line input for wired connection of playback devices.
    In general, the design of the “Shockbox” leaves only positive impressions. The whole structure is made of metal, which gives the device a certain premium status, the build quality is also at the highest level.

    ► Management

    The speaker supports any device with Bluetooth 2.1 or higher. If your device does not have this feature, then a connection through the 3.5 mm line input will come to the rescue.
    To start, you should activate the speaker itself by pressing the power button. As a result, the LED ring behind the volume control should acquire a blue glow.
    Then, on the device with Bluetooth, you need to search and connect to the “SHOQBOX”. Upon completion of the connection, the acoustics in voice mode signals operability: “SHOQBOX is paired”. By the way, the “virtual woman” can speak 4 languages, and unfortunately there is no Russian among them.
    As you can see, in both cases, the connection takes a matter of seconds. But it's time to talk about the main "feature" of this gadget - gesture control. To activate the intelligent mode, you need to double-click the button near the volume control. After which, in a voice already familiar to us, they will tell us about the activation of this mode. Subsequent management also has no difficulties. In order to switch the track you need to hold forward or backward. Holding your hand from top to bottom, you can pause or restart playback. Elementary and, at the same time, convenient. Moreover, the actions do not have to be performed by hand. ;)
    The button near the volume control performs other actions, for example, after a single press, the acoustics will notify you of the charge level. With prolonged holding, the voice notification language change mode is activated. I already mentioned the possibility of combining two speakers into an active system 2.0 at the beginning of the article and this can be done (in fact, nothing else) using an intelligent sensor: swipe from left to right above the left speaker and simultaneously from right to left above the right speaker. After voice notification, you can establish a Bluetooth connection. In this case, the left speaker becomes the main one and with the help of its volume control you can change the overall volume level.

    ► Inside

    A characteristic feature of articles on our blog is the opening of monitored devices. But in this case it did not work, the device did not succumb to my screwdriver, so I will only show the beginning of the preparation.

    In the on state, remove the volume control cover. Do not forget to turn off the speaker.
    We remove the paper scattering filter that covers the printed circuit board with indication LEDs.
    There is nothing interesting on the board - an LED, a pair of transistors and a strapping. Unscrewing a couple of screws on the circuit board can remove the aluminum plug.
    On the reverse side, it has two loops that must be disabled for subsequent disassembly. But at this stage I stopped, because even if you unscrew the two subsequent screws holding the volume control, you can’t remove it. He firmly "sits" on the glue + sealant for tightness inside the box (closed type AC).
    If you try to peel off the seal and get the volume control, you can inadvertently break the integrity of the speakers, which can dramatically change its sound.

    ► Sound

    On the technical side, SHOQBOX is equipped with four inch emitters with neodymium magnets. Total power - 12 watts. A characteristic feature of this acoustics is soft sound at a fairly large volume margin. That is, unlike cheaper counterparts, the amount of distortion in the “shockbox” even at maximum volume will remain within acceptable limits. In simple words - there will be no yelling, exploding the eardrum and causing ear bleeding.

    The sound is smooth, without emphasis on any frequencies. The only thing is that the bass sags a little at maximum volume, but the sound still remains at a good level. In general, the sound is only a positive experience, but let's not forget that the susceptibility is different for everyone and ideally, before buying, listen to the IRL system .

    ► Operation and autonomy

    Given the sound characteristics of this device, there are a lot of use cases. Be it background music at a family dinner, dance at a small party, or relax in your office. An exception is outdoor activities, for this Philips has a similar system in its arsenal, but with certain degrees of protection against external influences. A nice addition is the ability to use speakers as a speakerphone thanks to the built-in microphone.
    The SB7300 is equipped with a 1300 mAh battery. On average, acoustics showed autonomy at the level of 6-8 hours- A very good indicator for such sizes. The device is charged from the power adapter or dual USB cable. During charging, the indicator flashes red, and a static light indicates the completion of the battery charge.
    The developers did not forget about the energy saving modes. So, if music playback does not start within three minutes after switching on, the speaker will switch to power saving mode (“cut off” the power from the amplifier), which is indicated by a blue indicator that blinks at certain intervals. And after 15 minutes of inactivity and completely shut down.

    ► Summary

    Philips SHOQBOX SB7300 - a portable speaker with an excellent appearance, good build and no less high-quality sound. Given the price in the CIS (9900 rubles), the device is absolutely niche, because not everyone can afford to spend such an amount on a portable speaker. But it’s worth a look at Amazon and we are faced with an already rainbow price of $ 120, which this audio system more than justifies.

    Advantages and disadvantages
    imageWork with any Bluetooth-enabled devices version 2.1 and higher
    imageAbility to control gestures
    imageHousing materials, design
    imageBuild quality
    imageBattery life

    imageCIS price

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