An abnormal vote on the website of the Russian Public Initiative (ROI)

    According to the results of monitoring the voting on the website of the Russian Public Initiative (ROI), interesting details were found. One gets the feeling that someone really does not want the initiative of a well-known oppositionist to become the first with 100 thousand votes. And since it’s very troublesome to publicize his initiative, as Alexei N. does, other methods that are common in offline voting are entering the arena.

    I upgraded the chart a bit so that not only absolute numbers were displayed, but also relative ones. Added 2 types - relative and growth. The first shows the changes in the graph relative to the beginning of the selected time period, and the second - the increase in votes in the form of a bar chart (data are grouped depending on the scale of the graph).

    Having played around with the new charts, it was found that on the relative chart, the second most popular initiative (Cancel zero ppm) is characterized by stepping, despite the fact that the first initiative does not have this. Moreover, the steps are often very significant, for example.

    As you can see on the chart at midnight in 10 minutes, 62 votes were added for the cancellation of the zero per mille, while for the initiative-leader there were only 2 votes. Then 1.5 hours of silence for which the ppm got just 2 votes, then in 10 minutes another +32 votes, again a pause and another 30 votes and this is almost at 3 o’clock in the morning.

    And there are a lot of such steps, you can see for yourself .

    Now let's see how these anomalies look in the "Growth" mode.

    As you can see, during the day, for the second initiative they are consistently voting less than for the first. Then at midnight 3 throws, and again silence.

    Or here is another screenshot.

    Note how stuffing is done at intervals of one hour. In general, it would be interesting to hear the comments of the ROI representatives, what it is.

    Everyone can search for anomalies in the voting on the site of the Russian Public Initiative .

    PS Thank you Highcharts for the cool JS graphics .

    UPD I made it possible to give a link to the selected range on the chart. Click the “Get Link” button under the chart and you can place a link to an interesting site found. Also, when switching schedules, the selected time interval is saved.

    I would also like to note about some feature related to the collection of statistics, it is collected for a dozen popular initiatives, and some initiatives can drop out of dozens and then come back. As a result, there will be a surge in the graph (as on the Lenin graph ), in this case it is worth paying attention to the dates, in the case of Lenin, after the 16th of April it’s the 30th.

    UPD 2. Posted by ruskar
    The reaction of the authors of the portal:
    1. Response of the President of the Information Democracy Fund Ilya Massukh
    2. The official statement of the Information Democracy Fund on the topic of “vote wrapping” on the ROI website

    Both links deliver incredibly, read.

    UPD 3. Another beautiful schedule

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