Mailing to the postal addresses of VKontakte "@" leads to a violation of the confidentiality of personal data

Studying search results in Yandex blogs, I found that the company's mailings are indexed and fall out in a search through the VKontakte wall.
Each message had a unique link that automatically authorized on the site. Absolutely anyone could access the profile.

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In the settings of VKontakte, you can enable the function of sending photos and recordings via E-mail. Within 10 minutes, a message arrived with the format address *** @ Any email sent to this email is displayed on the user’s page. But not everyone understood that the address does not need to be advertised.

Functional location in the settings:
SMS example

example : Example of sending a message to a random soap from the newsletter:

sending example

We decided to suspend mailing on "@", and destroy the old links.

After examining the results , you can find many large resources, for example: - automatic login to the site, access to personal correspondence - the ability to steal a profile - automatic login to the site - automatic login to the website - the ability to steal a password - home address, order history

I advise everyone to suspend template mailings to VK addresses.
Naturally, all responsibility for the placement of letters lies with the user, but there are no warnings and "protection against the fool" in the social network either.

PS Most likely, search engines evaluate such messages from the walls as spam, which will affect the search engine promotion of the resource.

06/05/2013 UPDATE:
Topic did not pass by - today this feature has been disabled. closed sales club

Posted by Sergey Gridchin, SEO KupiVIP

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