USB support added to KolibriOS

    For those who are interested in the KolibriOS project , we have very good news - exactly 1 week ago USB support appeared in our project in nightly builds . In the best traditions of the project, the code is completely written in FASM assembler . Moreover, it still fits on one diskette and takes 1MB, including programs and games. And, unlike our progenitor MenuetOS , we even have a USB hot-plug . QNX Demo Disk developers are nervously smoking aside :-) The following USB controllers are supported :

    • OHCI + UHCI (USB 1.1)
    • EHCI (USB 2.0)

    The following USB devices are supported:
    • Keyboards (USB keyboard)
    • Mice (USB mouse)
    • Flash drives (USB flash disk / USB thumb-drive)
    • Hubs (USB hub)

    Testing for USB support is in full swing. We will be very happy for your bug reports on our forum in this thread:

    Known issues and limitations that you can not report:
    1. Scrolling does not work on “sophisticated” mice. [Fixed]
    2. On USB drives, only FAT16 and FAT32 are supported. [Fixed]
    3. The USB drive support code does not handle changing the card inside the drive without reconnecting the drive itself.
    4. The USB drive support code stops all work with the device when it sees a fatal error. If the USB drive supports two logical devices, but you cannot work with one of them, then there may be problems with the second.
    5. The debug output is too intense. Do not be afraid of “ TD failed ” from mouse movements and “ Command 03 failed ” when connecting a flash drive, these are normal phenomena.
    6. In a VirtualBox with USB2 support installed, devices connected prior to loading to a virtual USB2 controller will not be visible. This is a VirtualBox bug .
    7. XHCI controllers (USB 3.0) in SuperSpeed ​​mode are not supported

    The source code is available in our repository in the public domain, so anyone can read it. All code was written from scratch in 2 years by one person - our informal leader CleverMouse . If you are interested in how she did this, then she even agrees to write a review article. Vote!

    PS If anyone else isn’t in the know: we collect some money on Kickstarter to spend our Summer of Code. So far, 50% has been collected, and the fundraising ends on May 31 (in 3 days). Article:

    Only registered users can participate in the survey. Please come in.

    Would you like CleverMouse to write a review article on adding USB support?

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    • 11.5% No 174

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