The Super Tiny Compiler - now in Russian

    In short, this is a translation into Russian of the project The Super Tiny Compiler - a project designed to help with learning the basics of compiling with a working example.


    If you want more details, I ask for cat. If not, you can go directly to the translation , it is on a githaba.

    What is it, why is it, why is it

    For those who don't know about this project, this is a working Lisp-like compiler in C-like, written in JS. 90 percent of the code is covered with detailed comments, and the comments themselves, in general, 4 times more than the code. In the beginning, the basics, the terminology, and then the code itself are explained.

    Why translate this? English is the language of programmers!

    It all started with the fact that the link to this project for more than a year I had lain in the “to read” folder. And it seems like an interesting thing (10k + stars on a githaba, is it a joke), and I find it interesting, but somehow everything did not have the strength to look and penetrate. Why? Yes, because it is in English. And here the matter is not in complexity, but in the fact that after the 8-hour working day the brain completely refuses to read something else in a non-native language. Here protests and that's it. Therefore, it was decided to make a translation - and read it at the same time and help others.

    800+ forks. Of these, there are many attempts to translate into Chinese, but I haven’t found anything in Russian (maybe it is). By the way, explain why people forked projects and then change nothing in them?

    Are you a translator?

    No, not even once. But the project is written in quite accessible language, which, in theory, will be mastered by almost anyone who is able to read those. documentation But, again, for many (including for me) to learn something new is much easier in their native language, even if you understand the original language perfectly.

    As for the translation - it is not literal, insignificant words could be missed, something was added on my own. But at the same time I tried to convey the essence to 100%, so that in terms of information content, the translation, it seems, turned out to be equivalent to the original. Translation example. Screenshot clickable. Since the original project was laid out on a githaba, I didn’t transfer the entire project here. For those who want to read: a link to the translation , a link to the original.

    Enjoy reading!

    PS I accept the comments at least in the comments, even in the form of pull-requests, at least in a personal. You can even do a fork and make changes :)

    By post - do I need (and how?) To hang up the translation plate for this post?

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