Why buy Pebble Watch

    Hello, readers of Habr.
    Yesterday I posted a review of Cookoo Watch , although we shot Pebble a week earlier. But this review in text form is released only today, as:

    1. Pebble review was already on Habré [ link ]
    2. I want to convey emotions and feelings for the month of using a

    bit of foreplay.



    Official price: 150 dollars.

    Price in Russia: ~ 10 000 rubles.

    Let me remind you that Pebble Watch is the most successful project on Kickstarter, which brought together ... [ link ]

    And now impressions I

    ’ll open the cards. I believe that at this time Pebble Watch is the most practical smart watch, which by all measures bypasses both MotoActiv and Sony Smart Watch.

    This is the watch that allows you to read SMS, mail, Facebook and Twitter, receive calls, manage music. And with Pebble, it's nice to do this: poking at the tiny Sony SmartWatch screen is inconvenient, whatever you say, but the buttons are another matter.

    Yes, people said the same thing when the iPhone came out, and now we are tied up at the multitouch. But I mean, we have not yet come up with such an interface that would be convenient to use on the screen, size 1.5 '.

    The lack of a color screen is also not a problem, and I even like this approach - e-paper with the option of animation is an excellent battery-saving solution, which also does not require backlighting. After all, electronic paper in the sun looks even brighter, and the attenuation of the screen is absolutely not required, so you can see the time at any second. I remember how difficult it was for me with iPod nano 6-gen: this is too much imagination - iPod nano is uncomfortable to wear on your hand, as passing headphones through your sleeve is at least strange. Yes, and to see what time it is, you need to press a small button. (They stole them from me, by the way. Thanks)

    Pebble Watch has a serious problem: lack of multilingualism. Of course, messages written in Russian cannot be read due to the fact that Pebble software does not support Cyrillic. But it is solvable. I think the developers are already smoking heads and are working on an update, but for now I have found a solution for Android - [ Play Market ].

    In addition, Pebble will soon learn to count mileage and steps. So it will come in handy for runners and bike-riders, and now the developers have announced that there will soon be a bunch of applications for these watches that can be downloaded via iOS or Android applications.

    And of that, we still have one uncorrectable drawback:

    - Quick discharge of the phone due to the Bluetooth connection

    In a month, I was so used to the fact that the clock became my personal secretary: I always feel when they call me, even when the phone is in another room. I can read SMS and switch music without blaming the phone in a crowded metro. I think, until Apple came up with something with the next bomb (or failure) in the face of iWatch, Pebble will take the western market.

    Update: Yes, I forgot. The battery also does not bother. Charging the watch every 5-6 days is not a problem, as it seems to me. But the charger a la MagSafe is really an uncomfortable, very weak magnet.

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