How to "buy a 3d printer" in Moscow. Express market research

    For several months, interest in the topic of 3d printers has been growing.
    (These are printed cannons-rockets-liver-molecules-prostheses and shows with Urgant (25th minute), etc., etc.)

    While the world goes crazy typing “liberator” pistols, an 11-year-old boy uses a 3d printer to self-development and inventions

    So how can we move from the role of a passive observer of progress to the role of an active experimenter?

    I wanted to conduct a study:
    I live in Moscow,
    I just found out about 3d printers,
    I have 200,000 rubles free (oh, if that were the case)
    I want to buy a 3d printer for myself.

    My actions ?
    (Suppose I read a Wikipedia article and watched a couple of videos and realized: I urgently need such a thing)

    In Yandex, I enter the request “ 3d printer to buy
    May 23, 13-50 Moscow time
    I get a list of links (I’ve provided here without the text of the ads, but subject to order)
    (considered only the first page of answers)

    - Upper:
    - Lower:

    and search results (minus pages not related to 3d printers)
    www.jetcom .ru / production / 3d-printers

    Next, I go through each one to see what is in stock, I estimate the cost, call and ask about the calculation form and delivery time

    assortment - 1 model - MakerBot Replicator 2 for 129,000, delivery time - " today ", invite to the office to see and evaluate print quality and speed


    assortment - 1 model: the first Russian Picasso Builder printer for 95,000 rubles, delivery time - June 20 (approximately), they invite you to the Avtozavodskaya office to see and compare print quality

    3) http: //www.cybercom. ru
    assortment - many - professional boxes the size of a refrigerator. I found only TTX, prices are not indicated, I did not call. Not at the address (maybe the approximate price of about 3 million).

    assortment - a lot of professional and 4 desktop, bank transfer

    (UP! Mini 3D Printer 39 900 rubles (without VAT) are available,

    UP! 3D Printer Plus 69.000 rubles, are available,

    3DTouch 3D Printer for 3.500 euros, with VAT, discontinued, in stock 2 copies

    they said that in a month there would be some kind of model for 97,000 rubles, but they still didn’t send the info

    only 1 professional printer for 4.3 million was available

    assortment - many professional and one X-Gen 1.0 desktop 3D printer for 80,000 rubles, cashless cash, delivery time - 2-3 weeks

    assortment - there are 6 models on the site and there is an inscription that there are 60 more! .. Prices on the website are not indicated, the following was reported by phone:
    Form 1
    5.400 dollars delivery time - July

    СubeX Trio
    123.000 rubles delivery time 17 days

    Mbot Cube
    48 800 rubles, delivery time 17 days

    30% advance payment on all orders

    Search results (not ads)
    (professional only)
    (professional) .html
    (this company was in the announcements)
    (large selection from 55.000 to 169.000 for a desktop printer)
    (UP! for 69900rub) printers
    (repeat with announcements)
    (line of UP! printers from 39.900 for mini to 94.000 rubles for UP! 3D Printer + 3D Scanner David

    A number of budget “manual” 3d printers are widely represented (“no more thimble”, “fits in the palm of your hand”). Although the budget to call a device with a price above 60,000, the language does not turn.
    I’m glad that the Russian version appeared in sales (let's see how it will stand the test of time), it’s upsetting that some manufacturers are discontinuing printers (3DTouch), there are immediately suspicions that I will buy a printer, and tomorrow it will become useless to anyone.
    There is an eternal dilemma - “now and more expensive” or “in a month and a little cheaper” (although it is still 100% prepaid)

    An astute buyer will have to make a choice, find the best model for himself, so that he looks good, prints quickly (or some multicolors print a cover for an iPhone for 2 hours, when the fastest type it in 20 minutes). In addition to this, such a parameter as ease of maintenance is important, otherwise there are times when people spend 70% of their time cleaning the print head ...

    Say what you like, but a 3d printer is cool, and whatever you buy (or assemble it yourself) is elevates you to the ranks of those pioneers who pave the way for most to come.

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