Yandex.Music for Android

    Today the long-awaited Yandex.Music app for Android smartphones has been released. Now you can collect music from different sources together by combining the tracks from the phone’s memory, Yandex.Disk and, of course, from the service catalog into a playlist . Any album or track available on Yandex.Music can be saved in the application and listened to without an internet connection, for example, in the subway, outdoors or on the plane. Tracks of audio streams in the Radio section are  also available for saving, and the number of stored songs is limited only by the memory of your phone.


    With the application, it is easy to discover new things. If you liked the song, and there’s no one to ask the name for - ask Yandex. Just turn on the music recognition function, and the application will find the desired track in the Yandex.Music directory.

    With the release of the Yandex.Music for Android application, the conditions for subscribing to the service have changed. It still costs 199 rubles a month, but now it is automatically renewed, and subscribers of the mobile application for Android receive the first month as a gift. Auto-subscription is designed to make life easier for users, but you can easily turn it off if you wish. How to do this, see "Manage Subscriptions" in the Google Play  and   the App Store .

    You can subscribe via the Yandex.Music web service according to the old model - pay for one month and decide whether to pay constantly. A subscription through a web service costs 149 rubles per month, and you can get a subscription for 6 or 12 months at a discount .

    Many features of the application are available without a subscription: listening to music from the phone’s memory and Yandex.Disk, recognizing music by fragment and Radio streams (with a limit of five scrolls forward per day). In addition, you can use the application even without authorization.

    All the new functionality of the Yandex.Music application for Android will also be available to users of the iPhone application - for this, it only needs to be updated.

    Android application on Google Play or Yandex.Store
    App for iOS - App Store .  

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