Report from the All-Russian Open Programming Championship

    First day: as you can see, many finalists with their laptops

    This Friday ended the All-Russian Open Programming Championship, where you first need to solve problems and then “crack” the solutions of other participants.

    Who came from?

    3500 programmers from all over Russia, from the CIS countries and quite a bit from other countries participated . 2000 participants were selected for the first round, 400 for the second, and 50 people reached the final in Moscow. This year, the level was clearly higher than in the past: either training and the fact that the tournament was gaining popularity, or that guests from other countries joined the game. Participants in the finals of past years came.

    16 Muscovites, 14 Petersburgers, two residents of Yekaterinburg, Nizhny Novgorod, Saratov each got to the finals, one participant came from Novosibirsk. Also, three from Belarus, Poland, Ukraine, and even one person from Japan reached the final. According to the rules of the tournament, we paid the way for everyone except the residents of Poland and Japan, and the accommodation was paid to each participant.

    The average age of the participants is about 24 years. There were students and graduate students: the tasks were quite complicated. The level of players was very high: for all the time of Codeforces programming tournaments (of various levels), the first place in the world rating belongs to the championship winner Gennady Korotkevich (nickname on CF is tourist , about him below), and the second is just to our guest from Japan ( rng_58 )

    Alas, the girls this time did not pass the final, although this happened a couple of times in past years.

    Who has won?

    Gennady Korotkevich (Gomel, Belarus, student of St. Petersburg ITMO), he took home 100,000 rubles. Second and third places - Egor Kulikov and Evgeny Kapun (Russia). Full results are here .


    Makoto Soejima from Japan had a very busy schedule: the departure from Sheremetyevo was at 8 pm, and he finished programming at 16:30. He was accompanied by two Gaydzin girl promoters to take him to, help out, print boarding passes, etc., take him on the subway and make sure he got to the express train, which departed literally an hour after the end of the tournament. The fact is that he is not very good with English, but he has come to Russia for the fourth time for programming. He already found out the results in Japan: he came in 5th place: his solution to Problem A failed in the final test.

    Final Challenges

    There were only five final tasks. Here they are . The decision algorithm can be found here .

    This year's surprise

    We have a tradition: each finale of the All-Russian Open Programming Championship begins with a mini-competition, a kind of surprise from CROC. It is optional for participation, but brings a lot of pleasure and experience, plus we give a small pleasant prize and a cup. This year it was necessary to program a strategy for managing hockey players.

    Each team had two field players and one goalkeeper. The goalkeeper is controlled by the system, and field players by a written strategy. That is, each participant wrote a strategy for two players and played against the other participant. The task was to write such an algorithm that the team best defended their gates and attacked the gates of the enemy. It was possible to direct the puck into the goal and take the puck by hitting the player with a club, for example.

    Individual classification, one participant plays for one team and programs two hockey players. The game was according to the tournament scheme. Each team played two matches, as a result of which the first 16 went into the second round. After the eighth finals, there was a quarter-finals, a semi-finals and a final series, where 4 participants remained. They played three matches, that is, each played with each. Whoever scored more and missed less won.

    At first, everyone wrote the algorithm for 4 hours, and then in the common room we organized a tournament - we displayed the participants' games on the screen, and it was clear who played how, who scored, etc. For an hour, everyone, without stopping, watched the matches: it was fun - everyone screamed, hurt, and so on. Gennady also won (who won the championship final).

    How did it go?

    On the first day, we arranged breakfast for them in the CROC dining room - the participants arrived early, at about 9 o’clock. The participants had a slow breakfast, tuned in to the game. At 13 o’clock we made a speech from the organizers, everyone went up to the computer class, and at about 13:45 the game round for 4 hours began. After that - dinner in our dining room. For those who wanted, at the same time, they conducted a tour in the protected outsourcing data center KROK (where, alas, you can’t take pictures due to the safety requirements of the customer companies). Then they rewarded according to the results of the game round. We also wanted to go bowling together on the first day. However, only five people recruited, of which only one after the tour was ready to really play - everyone was tired, it seems.

    On the second day, we came later, having slept, at about 11 in the morning. After a snack, the competition began. The final round was held according to the standard Codeforces rules and took two and a half hours. After him, the participants dined and waited for the results. All hours ended at 7 after the award. Many later remained in the dining room to play board games (up to 8 hours), in a crocodile or something, I did not quite understand. Someone went to watch the office , since we have a lot of interesting things.

    How in general? Will there be such a tournament?

    In general, everything went very well. In two words, the tournament was described by Dmitry Matov from Saratov:
    “I am participating in the CROC Championship for the second time. There are not many such competitions in Russia - on the fingers you can count those companies that support sports programming in this way. ”

    Yes, next year there will be another big programming tournament. Plus, we regularly hold various competitions - for example, this year there was a system administration olympiad, now there is a competition of flying robots, there will be a couple of very interesting events that I will not talk about yet.

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