Custom buttons in Yandex.Mail

    A new, customizable button has appeared in the Yandex.Mail panel: in a series of familiar and understandable actions for working with letters, it makes it possible to add controls with the actions that you need.

    We were asked to make the opportunity:
    • remove letters from inbox to the Archive;
    • transfer letters to any folder and put a label with one click;
    • forward a letter to a pre-specified address;
    • reply to letters with templates.

    And we did. All this is now possible with a new button.

    Creating this opportunity, we were guided by the preferences and expectations of the audience, which uses mail as a professional communication tool.

    We plan to add this new feature to the three-panel interface soon.

    But this is only the beginning. We are well aware that each person works with letters in their own way, therefore we are ready to expand the list of actions at your request. If there is no expected and familiar case among the first set, please write about it in the comment to the post.

    Focusing on the number of votes per comment, we will be able to build your ideas in popularity, and in the same way we will try to implement them.

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