Runet in pictures. E-commerce in RuNet. How Russians shop online

    Over the past months, we have prepared a lot of infographics and combined it into a common series called “Runet in Pictures”. Today we are pleased to present you some interesting facts about the Russian e-commerce market.

    Under the cut is another infographic “How Russians shop online.”


    In a small study, “How Russians shop online,” we looked at how Russians pay and receive their orders from online stores, which banks they prefer to pay with their cards, and how many years on average a Russian takes to make a first purchase over the Internet.

    For the preparation of infographics, we used both our own data and the results of studies of third-party analytical and commercial organizations placed in the public domain.


    PS Infographics were previously posted on the website of our company, but we really hope that the habrasociety will be interested to get acquainted with infographics, which we tried to make as interesting and useful as possible.

    We will be grateful for the comments, recommendations, and suggestions for topics for the next issues of Runet in Pictures.

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