The first IT Bike Quest in St. Petersburg. How it was

    Last Saturday, the first event was held in Veeam Geek Hub, a cycle quest for C # developers.

    We know that not everyone could get into the first group of participants. Under the cut, we tell you how it all went and what tests awaited the brave souls who dared to fit into our activity cycle .

    Saturday, the middle of the day, in St. Petersburg is sunny and clear (contrary to forecasts). Participants who have passed the preliminary selection, gather in the city center on their bicycles. Sounds beautiful. It looked the same.

    (By the way, we are answering one of the most popular comments under the posts-announcements of the quest for developers - beautiful girls-programmers took part in the quest, as well as young people went through the qualifying stage to get into our game).

    We return to all participants in the quest. According to the legend, they are accepted into the secret society Veeam Geek Hub, whose goal is to protect the data of the planet Earth. To show their abilities and justify the title of Veeam Geek Hub member, they have to pass a series of tests for logic, agility, speed. The team that first passes all the tests and collects the code on each of them gets a chance to open the chest with prizes. All participants were divided into seven teams, received the coordinates of the first point with the tests and hit the road.

    And the path was not simple, but very picturesque - the center of St. Petersburg (its sunny version) became the decoration for the quest, which gives a special atmosphere to almost any event. When we planned the cycle quest, we, of course, thought about the rainy scenarios and, therefore, we also provided covered locations for testing. We chose the tasks ourselves based on the fact that they must be diverse from the point of view of the skills used and imply getting new experience (programmers are inquisitive people - hence a bunch of gyro scooter drones-VR is provided in the quest).

    Then the mechanic is a purely quest: you complete the tasks, you get the codes that will help you to complete the final super task at the end - in our case, you had to open the chest full of prizes.

    And now about what tasks the quest participants were waiting for:

    VR-zone - the teams had to arm themselves with the technology of augmented reality and “shoot” the enemies.
    We break open the safes - here the participants were provided with a variety of caskets and safes with locks, which had to be opened in a certain time.
    Metal detector - in one of the parks in the center of St. Petersburg, the team needed to find a compass and azimuths with a metal detector, which should indicate the location of the box with the cherished code.
    Morzyanka - in the Central Museum of Communications named after A.S. Popov was hidden radio, the record of which was coded in Morse code. The code had to be transferred from Morse to numbers and go to the next point.
    Location“Beautiful creations” , according to the participants, became the most extreme in IT Bike Quest. The task - to open only one box, locked in many locks. Suitable keys needed to be found in containers .... with Madagascar cockroaches and mealworms. Behind the speed of passing the task patiently and not without pleasure was watching a huge python.
    Giroskutera - teams had to change from bicycles to another two-wheeled transport and drive on the ornate route.
    Drones - participants had to not only lift the drone into the air, but also precisely control it in order to pass an obstacle course (rings fixed on the trees).
    Programmer-encyclopedist - in this location, participants had to demonstrate their erudition in the knowledge of programming and IT.

    At the finish, the two fastest teams found the same tightly locked chest. Not the first time, but the chest fell under the onslaught of players, and the two teams, the first to come to the finish line, opened it, took the coveted prizes.


    The result of the day - 4 hours in the fresh air in the picturesque center of St. Petersburg, on your favorite two-wheeled horse, in the company of people with similar interests, a number of activities tested for the first time, gifts and prizes for super-efforts.

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