Conference Internet Life 2013. Moscow, May 27-28

    This year, May 27-28, the second time will host the conference Internet Life .
    Internet Life is a conference aimed at people who use the Internet and want to learn how to use it with maximum efficiency. We are sure that the Internet is the greatest invention of mankind and now there is a lot of useful and interesting information concentrated there. The conference will feature many unique reports from experts and representatives of both Russian and world leading companies in the Internet industry.

    All the most interesting only for you:
    • New platform - Coworking 2.0 “Nagatino”
    • 2 days of the conference;
    • More than 25 reports by leading experts of the Internet environment;
    • A lot of contests from partners;
    • Memorable prizes and souvenirs;
    • Round tables and panel discussions;
    • Practical cases of successful projects;
    And most importantly - free attendance on both days of the conference.

    This year the conference will be held in 2 sections. You will find only relevant information, no advertising, fresh reports on the most pressing and important topics discussed by the Internet community, as well as round tables and new professional acquaintances.

    Particular attention is paid to the withdrawal of Russian companies to Western markets and the criteria for selecting startups by venture capital funds. Round tables will be devoted to these topics on the first day of the conference. And, of course, modern effective promotion of companies on social networks, non-standard methods, viral marketing. See the event program for more details .

    If you:
    • Actively communicate and read news on the Internet;
    • Create or run your own e-commerce business;
    • Actively promote your company on the Internet;
    • Create specialized and thematic communities in social media;
    We will be happy to wait for you at the Internet life 2013 conference.

    More information can be found on the conference website .

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