The application for the Russian StackOverflow has moved to the Commitment stage

    Some time ago, an application for opening the StackOverflow community in Russian was submitted to Area51. The application successfully passed the Definition stage (defining the topics of the future community) and moved to the Commitment stage (subscription to participate in closed and open beta).

    Request to support the initiative (follow the link and click Commit under the number of participants or forward the link to those who may be interested).

    Why and who needs it?

    When creating a new resource, you always need to keep in mind its relevance. Who needs Russian StackOverflow and why, what benefits will it bring? Today, about 8,000 questions are asked daily at StackOverflow. The total number of questions is more than 5,000,000 (more than the number of articles in the English Wikipedia section). But despite the fact that the site’s language is English, it is not native to many visitors.

    Stack Exchange Q&A site proposal: Stack Overflow (in Russian)

    Any working programmer must be fluent in English, otherwise he will not be able to 1) communicate with colleagues from other centers (many companies have branches around the world), 2) read the English literature in the original (most directories, manuals and specifications are available only in English), 3) go on business trips (for employees of many companies this is a common thing). Therefore, using the site in English is not only easy for the programmer, but also useful.

    But there are categories of users for whom the site in English is still inaccessible: these are university students and novice programmers. Until they had already mastered English, a developed Russian-speaking community of specialists would have helped them. There have been attempts to create something similar to StackOverflow (there is open source software for creating clones), but they did not gain popularity and authority, even remotely comparable to the original.

    Therefore, the development of the Russian community on the original StackOverflow platform will be beneficial. It will not only collect users from all outdated or perspective-less resources, but over time it will create an open database of programming questions in Russian as a result of community activities (user-generated content is available on StackExchange under the cc-wiki license ). In addition, creating a site in Russian on StackExchange will help not only programmers, it will open the way for new communities in Russian.

    To go to the Private Beta stage (closed testing), little is left. Colleagues, get involved , your contribution will be decisive!

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