How stable is your work and what is in this backpack?

    I was inspired to write this post by the memories that surged after writing my first article on Habrahabr.

    Life is unstable by definition. But many destabilizing factors fade compared to life on the back of a fire dragon named Japan.

    I worked in a travel company, leading the development of a CRM system and payment terminals of a reservation system.
    Two years of development yielded results, and on March 11 (life is not without a sense of irony), the director invited me to dine in a Japanese restaurant with a cozy and unobtrusive atmosphere in order to celebrate the birth of a new tourism project about Japan.

    Dinner was delicious, thoughts of a bright future filled the heart ...
    But an hour later I stood in the city hall and, without blinking, looked at the TV screen, feeling, probably, the same thing that Robinson Crusoe felt on the first day on the island.

    In a few minutes, I realized that there would be no tourists, just as there would be no work in the system just created by my own hands.

    A month later, I was lucky enough to get an interview at Goldman Sachs, where the "stability of the workplace" also slightly shook in my eyes, but nevertheless, there was a hope that the Japanese gods would soon have mercy on me. A month after the March 11 earthquake, there was a strong aftershock that caught me in the Mori Tower on some fifty floor exactly at the moment when I was waiting for the next interviewer. With an unbroken voice, I was offered to put on a helmet and gave me a life-saving backpack. The element, unfortunately, was not on my side that day. We never got to the pencil.

    After receiving the coveted offer from the main competitor Goldman Sachs, I made several conclusions:

    1. Buildings are not real estate. They move
    2. Earthquakes shake not only the earth, but also the will
    3. Stability exists only in the head
    4. Do not run away from the interview hall if you feel tremors
    5. When the crowd runs away, run in the opposite direction
    6. Hindus - trusy I

    enclose a photograph of my backpack instead of a conclusion , the content of which I decided to check for the first time in 2 years of work.

    Image No. 1 “
    The backpack itself”
    Image No. 2 “The contents of the backpack” Image No. 3 “Content Item # 4”

    In order to make our communication more fruitful, I propose to guess what it is:

    Item # 5
    Item # 7
    Item # 8

    The winner is waiting travel to Japan! (joke).

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