Discussion "What is web design in Russia?"

    May holidays are over. Hurrah! It's time to roll up our sleeves and have time to do something worthwhile and interesting before the final summer season.

    Today we have come to you with news that for some will turn out to be not news at all - about a year ago, a player with a ten-year history of his activity, TemplateMonster , entered the Russian market of web design and website development . After a year, it became clear that we fell in love. Fell in love with people, in approaches to doing business, in the relationships on which business is built here. And we fell in love with the largest professional community.

    By the way, having heard that we are coming to Habrahabr, our fellow designers even dedicated a separate poster to this event.


    Its sources and files for printing can be downloaded absolutely free from our website in one archive here .

    After downloading, you can see how everything is arranged there, and if you wish, print and hang on the wall.

    We would like to start our first post by talking about what is web design in Russia today. It is very interesting and important for us what you think about this. After all, as you know, any best individual solution is often inferior to collective intelligence.

    We are happy to listen to your opinions on this subject in the comments, argue, debate and agree. The final product of this discussion will be infographics in which we will collect the most popular and vivid statements on this topic.

    All authors whose comments fall into the final infographic will receive from us a gift “a sip of inspiration” (a cup) for future victories:


    Let's go. "What is web design in Russia?", Welcome to comment.

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