Seminar “Black Friday in e-commerce. Secrets of Survival ", August 16, Moscow

    Hi, Habr! We are starting the new season of DataLine Universities.

    The season will be opened by an unusual seminar. Most of the time, we will answer questions and discuss with you.

    We will talk about preparing the site for traffic growth and discuss both the technical and organizational subtleties of this process.

    Date: August 16 in Moscow.
    Theme: “Black Friday in e-commerce. Secrets of Survival ”
    Moderator: Alexey Pristavko , Web Project Director, DataLine.

    There are not many places for a seminar due to the specifics of the format, so it is better to send an application now :) The
    seminar will be useful for IT managers, developers and administrators of online stores.


    So that you are not bored while waiting for the event, we suggest reading the latest articles on the topic:

    Seminar program

    Introduction: Black Friday - strength test.

    Discussion of the technical stages of preparing a site for Black Friday:

    • Front-end / back-end: where problems may arise and how to deal with them;
    • We simulate the load correctly. Why and how correctly to carry out load testing back-end;
    • What likes to end in the first place? What indicators to monitor during testing and what to do with them;
    • We order resources. Underwater rake.

    Discussion of organizational intricacies for IT during Black Friday:

    • Why so slow? The process of working on accidents;
    • How to detect problems and where to look. What generally can be considered a problem;
    • How best to prioritize and notify anyone about problems;
    • We solve the problem quickly or why you need to be able to generate a load.

    Additionally, we will broadcast the seminar online → Join us!

    See you on August 16!

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