Are you still using Google Reader?

    When in March of this year it became known about the closure of Google Reader, I think many rushed to study similar third-party services. And I was no exception. Having stumbled upon different services, I still did not find what I personally would like and safely continued to use Google Reader. But time X is inevitably approaching and less than two months are left before the service closes, so again I decided to look for an alternative. This time I decided to try various opensource solutions and raise an rss reader on my server for myself and my friends. Having studied this question, I stumbled upon Tiny Tiny RSS, which, incidentally, was also appreciated by Habr .

    I liked him so much that I completely stopped logging into Google Reader. And the thought occurred to me, why not open the registration for everyone?

    So, meet

    In Tiny Tiny RSS there is an opportunity to import OPML (this is done in the menu Actions -> Settings -> Channels -> OPML). My more than a hundred feeds were imported without problems. There are also hotkeys like Google Reader and the visual interface is very similar. There is an Android client and an extension for Chrome . It all looks like this:

    After voicing the idea to my friends, I heard three questions that are likely to be asked by the habrayuzers. I will answer them right away:

    Where is the service located?
    The service is hosted on a dedicated server rented at Hetzner. On the same server I keep some of my work projects. Intel Core i7 X980 server specifications, 24 GB RAM, 2x300 GB SAS (RAID 1).

    Aren't you afraid of the habra effect?
    Well, firstly, I do not think that the topic will cause a great stir. Secondly, I wrote the characteristics of the server above, and in my opinion they are sufficient to extend the habra effect. In any case, it is interesting to see how the server behaves under load :)

    Where is the guarantee that the service will not close after a month?
    You are right, there is no guarantee. But I myself plan to actively use this service, and given that I have been using Google Reader for 5 years, I plan to use at least as much as I can’t see for myself a more convenient tool.

    But of course, it's up to you to decide whether to use this service or not. So, I will repeat the address

    UPD.Some statistics. Almost three thousand people have registered in three hours! Now the stream has subsided, but several people per minute continue to register. Looked at the site more than 4 thousand people.

    UPD2. In connection with the habro-effect, not everyone received letters with passwords. You can re-request a password on the site using the " Reset Password " link .

    UPD3.The influx of people turned out to be so large (on May 11 more than 2 thousand users were registered and more than 300 simultaneous connections to the service were recorded) that almost all of yesterday (May 10) it was impossible to get to the service. After some optimizations of the database server, the situation was stabilized and now the service is working reasonably well. But, the option of transferring the service to a separate, more powerful server is being considered.

    UPD4 of May 20. Moved to a separate server. Long fiddled with optimization. As a result, instead of apache, I now have nginx + php-fpm there. The database was optimized for several days and brought it to the ssd disk. As a result, now everything works quickly.

    Only registered users can participate in the survey. Please come in.

    Do you still use Google Reader?

    • 61.2% while using 1536
    • 19.9% Already switched to a third-party service 500
    • 3.3% Raised my service and use it 85
    • 8.4% I'll try 211
    • 7% I use a stationary client (built-in to the browser or another) 176

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