BitTorrent Sync has transferred 1 petabyte of files already

    In just a couple of weeks since the public launch of the alpha version of BitTorrent Sync, users have synchronized more than 1 petabyte of files . Every day, users transfer more than 70 terabytes between their computers.

    BitTorrent does not have access to encrypted files, does not host files and does not control the process, but collects anonymous statistics . From here these figures became known.

    As you know, in the BitTorrent Sync client, the user selects the devices that will synchronize files. All traffic between nodes is encrypted with a 256-bit AES key, which is created on the basis of a random string unique to each folder. Synchronization is possible between devices on different desktop OS, mobile devices are not yet supported.

    Judging by the statistics of the first weeks, the service turned out to be very popular. The developers say that Sync works “not only in the way we imagined”, because users come up with new creative ways to use it. For example, one group of hackers created a private distributed blog hosting Bit Blog based on Sync. Many ideas are expressed on the forums., so P2P synchronization via torrents can be a very useful and popular technology, despite the closed source code.

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