We are looking for speakers at Moscow Data Science Major


    On September 1, Mail.Ru Group and the Open Data Science community will hold the largest Moscow Data Science mitap.

    Let's open a new academic and working year with a whole day of sections and networking!

    We invite those who wish to speak:

    • on workshops - slots for 2 hours;
    • with reports - slots for 20 min. + 7 min for questions.

    Fill out the form to speak at the meeting. Please note that filling out the form does not guarantee your participation. We will consider all applications and respond to the email you specified on the decision.

    Mitap is focused on Data Science-professionals and enthusiasts. We do not accept marketing or advertising reports. It is important for us that the reports are relevant and useful to the community.

    Subjects of reports:

    • Data & Science;
    • ML filling and infrastructure;
    • PyData;
    • RecSys;
    • Reports from DS / ML advanced (ICML, KDD, CVPR, etc);
    • Big Data;
    • Fail stories.

    In addition to reports, we have provided networking and community spots.

    Applications are accepted until the evening of August 16. The program and registration link will be published on August 21.

    Stay tuned!

    Join the ODS community in Slack .

    The time of the meeting: September 1, 2018 at 11.00.

    Venue: Moscow, Leningradsky Avenue, 39, p.79. Do not forget to take a passport or driver's license.

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