A new set has opened in the Yandex Data Analysis School

    The other day, we opened a new set at the School of Data Analysis. To become her student, you need to answer questions in the test , pass exams and pass an interview. Classes, as always, will be held at the Yandex office in Moscow, as well as in Yekaterinburg , Kiev and Minsk . In St. Petersburg, ShAD has a branch at the Computer Science Center . If you live in other cities, you can study with us in absentia: communicate with teachers by e-mail and watch video lectures. Education at the school is free. Leading Russian scientists teach at ShAD - those who live in Russia and those who work abroad. For example, the theory of machine learning is conducted by Alexey Chervonenkis

    Audience at Yandex Data Analysis School

    , professor at the University of London and one of the founders of the national school of data analysis. The author of the course on data analysis and academic director of ShAD is Rutgers University professor Ilya Muchnik, who was once the supervisor of studies at Arkady Volozh.

    A bit of history

    The school of data analysis appeared largely due to the fact that in the 2000s it was very difficult to find the specialists we needed. And although a large number of guys had the fundamental base, few could use it in industrial programming. Even the VMiK or mechmath of Moscow State University did not provide sufficient knowledge to solve problems associated with processing data (texts, images, music, voice). It was necessary to revive the scientific environment and grow a new generation of programmers.

    The training program is divided into three types of courses: theoretical (“Discrete analysis”, “Combinatorics”, “Probability”, “Complexity theory”), practical (“Training in C ++ programming”, “Java”, “Parallel and distributed computing” ) and mixed (“Algorithms and data structures”, “Machine learning”, “Computer linguistics”, etc.).

    It was important for us, as a company in which tasks related to big data are being solved every day, to combine theory and practice in the training course. The program of the Computer Science department was developed including Ilya iseg Segalovich, technical director of Yandex. And among the SHAD teachers there are our brilliant programmers who won international student programming competitions and prepared others for them.

    And despite the fact that this is Yandex School, its graduates will be able to solve not only the tasks that we meet. The training program is determined primarily by the presentation of its authors on the most relevant areas of modern computer science.

    Studying proccess

    There are two departments in SHAD: data analysis and Computer Science. Their program overlaps in mixed courses. For example, both departments study Algorithms and Data Structures and Machine Learning. There are general specs, including game theory, C ++ training, an introduction to linguistics, image and video analysis, etc. In 2011, the School also had a bioinformatics department, which this year became an independent academic structure .

    Classes take place in the evenings, so that students can simultaneously study somewhere else or even work. But you need to consider that about 15 hours a week will go to the classes themselves and about 12 - to prepare homework.

    Lesson at the School of Data Analysis

    The training is divided into four semesters. After graduation, students who want to work at Yandex will be able to take an internship with us. This is a great chance to put into practice the knowledge that they received at the School. All graduates of SHAD are awarded a certificate of completion. The best graduates have the opportunity to receive a diploma of professional retraining in the direction of "Data Analysis" MIPT.

    What needs to be done to do?

    The school is designed for students and graduates (graduate students and young specialists) of engineering and mathematical specialties. To cope with the introductory tasks, you must have a certain base: knowledge of mathematical analysis, linear algebra, combinatorics, probability theory, as well as programming skills. All this is considered in the program for admission .

    If you want to become a student of SHAD, you need to do the following:
    • by May 20, fill out the questionnaire and complete the test task ;
    • May 26, June 2 or June 9 in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Kiev or Minsk to pass written exams;
    • from June 10 to July 1 there to pass an interview. If you enter the correspondence department, this can be done via Skype.

    Over the five years of its existence, the School of Data Analysis has released more than 170 people. We hope that they will contribute to the development of Russian science. And we are very pleased that more than 100 of our graduates have remained to work in Yandex. You will find all the details about the School at shad.yandex.ru . If you have any questions, ask them in the comments.

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