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Class Records:

Day 1

Entry (Pavel Selivanov). Automate the deployment of infrastructure. Ansible (Sergey Bondarev)
Docker, his device, Dockerfile, docker-compose (Pavel Selivanov)
Introduction to Kubernetes, beginning (Pavel Selivanov)
Introduction to Kubernetes, continuation (Pavel Selivanov)
Introduction to Kubernetes, completion (Pavel Selivanov)
Kubespray, tuning and Kubernetes cluster setup (Sergey Bondarev)

Day 2

Ceph, cluster setup and features of work in production (Sergey Bondarev)
Introduction to Helm (Pavel Selivanov)
Trabshuting cluster (Pavel Selivanov)

Day 3

CI / CD, building a cluster from scratch (Sergey Bondarev)

There are problems with sound. Sometimes the video sequence does not appear immediately. There are no practice and many discussions in the records.

And now - how it all happened, with bloody details.

The slogan of Slurm-1: always hurts for the first time

Southbridge conducts the first intensive, and we collected all the possible bumps.
Starting point: we organized Slurm as an open internal event . First of all, it is intended for its own administrators and developers. Apart from the organizers, there were 6 Southbridge employees in the hall. Not counting those who are engaged in records.

Half - organizers, half - participants, and all - Southbridge


If in the content part everything went fine, then chaos was happening in the organizational one. Now the dust has settled, and we are working on the bugs.

Fakap №1: pereobuvanie on the go

First version: we will conduct Slurm in the Programmers' Village near Kirov. Tents, mosquitoes, 1000 km to Moscow, what could be better? “It’s better not to go there,” the people said, and we changed the paradigm. Slurm will be held near Serpukhov.

The second version: we will hold Slurm for 30 participants, and we will remove the entire hotel VolkovSkay. It quickly became clear that 100 applicants are claiming 24 places (remember our 6). We began to expand the format by purchasing more places in the neighboring hotel (hereinafter it appears as Mishkin Hole).

Hence the absurd with a permanent transfer, poor control over the situation. On the day of arrival at 3 o'clock in the morning, I solved questions on the phone with Mishkina Hole until the duty girl turned off her mobile phone.

Work on the bugs: for the next Slurm site has already been selected and the number of guests has been established. It will not change.

Trifle, but unpleasant. Because of the arrival in 3 calls, the organizers were distracted by the chatter with the arrivals and missed the second bus. People came to an empty table and started registering themselves.

Fakap №2: settling

If there was something terrible, then this settlement. Mishkina Hole came under the local redistribution of property, we lost our booking, our rooms were resold, so the guests were settled with fights into rooms without sheets and towels. Two of the last at 3 o'clock in the morning they were stuffed into a local bathhouse in the mode “till the morning, and then get out of there”.

The man who slept in the bath

He spent the night in the bath

The rooms were stuffy, damp and smelly.

Other guests, who were settled in the very depths of Mishkina Hole, were booing and shouting until the morning. You can understand them: in the morning passer-by uncle told me how they were given 4 towels for 12 men. I would in their place too zapuhal.

Reality has never been so different from our plans.

The next day, we were offered cottages in a nearby hotel, we checked that it was nice and cozy, we confirmed three times that we were picking up everything, called us three times, and at the end we were told that “I'm sorry, another group is already there, and for you there is a three-story barracks, which is easier to burn than to remove. "

Shocked by such joy, we went to Serpukhov, rented rooms at the Korston Hotel for all the victims and paid people a taxi in all directions.

In order to somehow smooth the impression and apologize to the guests, we bought 40,000 Guinness and good cider. Although booze was not included in the plans, but this situation had to be viewed under a certain degree.

Beer and cat soothe

Beer and cat

Work on the bugs: Slerm-2 will be held in a 5-star hotel, but we still arrive in advance and check all the rooms.

Fakap №3: tables

On Thursday, we entered the hall where Slurm was supposed to go, and found an empty room. They pledged to us that tables and chairs were coming from Ikea, they would be here at night, and in the morning a team of workers would gather everything.

Empty room. Before start Slurm 14 hours

Empty Hall Wednesday Night

At 7 am, I ran into the hall. There were no tables, no workers, no yesterday's promises.
At 8, the day shift of administrators came, and the bacchanalia began. They drove the migrant workers caught in the bushes, and we pulled out all the tables we were able to reach. They dragged a long rack from the ground floor. With fights, square dining tables were pulled out of the dining room. Laundered chairs from some distant corners.

When at 9:00 in the hall people started pulling up, we still did not know where to sit 20 people out of 50. Surprisingly, at 9:15 Slurm started.

People sat sideways, sat closely, I myself worked, sitting on the battery. We promised (and planned) normal seating, but it turned out the collective farm.

Tables promised to bring every day, and every day did not bring. Most of all, I was afraid that I would come in the morning, and the locals took our tables back to their places.

Have to work on weight

We work on the knees

In the struggle for the tables, we lost sight of the boards and other decorations of the process.

Work on the bugs: We have already checked on the new site that there are tables and other equipment and are waiting for us.

Facac # 4: network

In the struggle for resettlement and other bytovuhu it simply did not have time to adjust. At 2 am, Vadim Isakanov went to Mishkin Hole to complete the network, and was engaged in a war over a bath.

At 3 o'clock in the morning Vadim was looking for numbers. At 7 in the morning I completed the network. Slurm opens at 9:15


Work on the bugs: At the new site we were offered a dedicated wire from the provider in the hall. Judging by the price, there should be veins of gold.

Fakap №4: coffee breaks

We were promised coffee machines, but in the end we got a hefty tank with boiling water, where the chef emptied a couple of packets of ground coffee. Not only was he bad. Personally, at first I did not understand what was in the coffee pot, and poured them a tea bag.

Thanks to coffee, our event is one step closer to a rural disco.

Thanks to everyone who was there.

Since I was responsible for life, all these fakapy - my fault. I was sure that I would receive a lot of complaints, but the guests calmly reacted to my throwings, accepted my apologies and even praised the organization.

Slurm owes success to the speakers. If the content was weak, no suites would not have been saved, and when Pavel Selivanov and Sergey Bondarev work on the scene, people are ready to ignore the inconveniences of everyday life. But next time we will do better.

Thanks to everyone who came. We are already preparing Slurm-2, and there we will fix these fakapy. Surely there will be others where to go, but if we once again populate the guest in the bath, I will do seppuku.

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